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Top Movies Shot In Monaco

Credit: Rishi Jhajharia - Unsplash

Cinema has long rhymed with glitz and glamour. And from Saint-Tropez to Venice, many directors have put the world’s most glamorous cities on film. But there’s one other place in Europe that often steals the show. So, picture luxurious sports cars, fancy casinos, and outrageous yachts along a pristine coastline. Nestled in the south of France, Monaco already looks like the backdrop of a movie effortlessly. Ready for a trip then? We take you through four of the best movies ever shot in Monaco.

Monte Carlo Baby (1951)

Audrey Hepburn was not yet an Oscar-winner actress when she appeared in this slapstick comedy by Jean Boyer, much less the icon she would later become. Still, she flawlessly delivered the role of Melissa Farrell. The actress even showed her prowess in French, as the film was both made in English and French.


Her performance as a spoiled actress would also mark a turning point in her career. According to most biographers, it was during the filming of Monte Carlo Baby that French playwright Colette noticed Hepburn. The actress was then given the leading role in the Broadway play Gigi, which propelled her to stardom.

To Catch a Thief (1955)

To Catch a Thief was shot by none other than Alfred Hitchcock. And the movie features not one but two Hollywood legends. Cary Grant portrays retired jewel thief John Robie, who falls under suspicion for a strand of grand robberies on the French Riviera. Tickled by this mysterious imposter, Robie sets on unmasking the actual thief. In his investigation, he eventually crosses paths with a charming American tourist. And a risky game of seduction soon brings Robie and Frances closer (Grace Kelly). 


This romantic thriller was filmed in various locations along southern France, including Monaco. And that was there and then that the story of soon-to-be-princess Grace Kelly began. While Prince Rainier of Monaco reportedly fell head over heels at first sight, the Hollywood actress didn’t reciprocate immediately. But after a long correspondence, the actress would eventually marry the prince in 1956. And as she retired from acting, To Catch a Thief would become one of the princess’s last ever films.

GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond movies and Monaco make quite the pair. Before GoldenEye came out, Monaco had already popped up in two Bond films. Yet, Pierce Brosnan’s first appearance as spy agent 007 was the most praised. And after a six-year absence from the silver screens, Monte Carlo was the perfect location to make a splashy comeback. 


Many of Monaco’s landmarks provided a gorgeous setting for some action-packed sequences, from the Monte Carlo Harbour to the Casino Square. The casino scene, where Bond plays Baccarat, was shot at the very heart of the Monte Carlo casino. Dating back to the 19th century, this classy casino also took centre stage in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Twelve. Thus, Monaco has long become a top destination for movie lovers and gamblers alike


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Heartbreaker (2010)

While Hollywood has a history with Monaco, it doesn’t come close to the number of French movies filmed in the Principality. Directed by Pascal Chaumeil, Heartbreaker is one of the latest inclusions on that long list. This romantic comedy follows a team of professional heartbreakers whose job is to break unhappy couples up.


Romain Duris plays Alex, the best heartbreaker on the team. Yet, Alex struggles with his mission to seduce Juliette (Vanessa Paradis), a French heiress who seems to spin the perfect love with her handsome British boyfriend (The Walking Dead’s own Andrew Lincoln). 


While Heartbreaker brings no revolution to the genre, the movie knows not to take itself too seriously and packs some pretty hilarious scenes. The chemistry between Duris and Paradis also works to perfection. And the alluring scenery of Monte Carlo only adds to the charm.

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