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World Of Warcraft: The History Of Dragon Aspects

Warcraft is a game that has not lost its popularity among players for almost twenty years. In this post, we decided to delve into the history of one of the key characters of WoW - the history of Dragon Aspects.

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Titans are a topic for a separate article. But this topic is not very interesting, so we will describe it here briefly. No one knows when the first Titan awoke in the universe, but legends have preserved his name — Aman'tul. Somehow it turned out that he immediately understood his tasks — to awaken worlds from sleep, create and protect. However, it is not easy to cope with this alone — Aman'toole began to look for creatures similar to himself. And, characteristically, he found them. Together they formed a single Pantheon, vigilant for order in the universe. But there were so many worlds that it was decided to give the chosen representatives of the lower races a part of their power so that they could guard the peace of the world entrusted to them. On Azeroth, dragon aspects became such representatives.

Nozdormu, The Aspect of Time

The power of Nozdormu was given by Aman'tul himself — he chose the great bronze serpent so that he would keep track of time itself and observe billions of possible events and destinies, preserving the inviolability of history. In other words, Nozdormu had almost the most important task. He charmed the Nordrassil tree so that it could make the night elves immortal while the tree itself is alive. He also took part in the final battle against Deathwing, giving all his strength to it and becoming mortal. This dragon has a much bigger role in history than it’s described here, however, these two appearances are the most striking and noticeable.

Ysera, Queen of Dreams

Alexstrasza's younger sister, Ysera, was chosen by the Titan Eonar, the guardian of life, nature, and healing powers. Ysera herself has been healing and guarding the Emerald Dream for a long time (a parallel dimension of Azeroth. But over time, she had to leave the rookery, because there were too many threats in the real world.

Her life path was long. She helped Malfurion Stormrage defend Mount Hyjal. She helped rebuild Nordrassil. She participated in the battle against Ragnaros. It was she who, in her visions, found the key to the final victory over Deathwing. And yes, she also gave all her strength for this victory, becoming a mortal. But Ysera's path did not end there. Her last battle was the fight against evil, called the Emerald Nightmare. Ysera was desecrated - both she and the Emerald Dream were cleansed of the scourge, but the price for that was the life of mortal Ysera.

Malygos, An Aspect of Magic

Malygos was created by Titan Norgannon, the Lord of Secrets. The weakest Aspect from a physical point of view among others. The lack of strength is more than compensated by the ability to magic — it is believed that it was he who brought magic to Azeroth.

The Master of Illusions settled in self-isolation in Northrend, where he was engaged in self-study and the study of various magical artifacts. Deathwing was the first to attack when his deception was revealed and it almost cost Malygos his life. After this event, the blue dragon lost all interest in Azeroth and did not appear for many years being in self-isolation after the events described. Then Malygos slowly began to go through the phase, blaming himself for the death of his children during the battle. He returned to the ranks after being asked to help free Alexstrasza from Deathwing's clutches. Hearing that the ex-Neltharion was still alive, the Aspect of Magic wanted to get even. In return, Alexstrasza agreed to help Malygos revive his family, which improved his mood. Nevertheless, Malygos went crazy, and he decided to direct all the magical flows of the world through his house but he was not allowed to do this. Then Kalecgos assumed the mantle of the Aspect of Magic.

Alexstrasza, An Aspect of Life

She was also endowed with power by Eonar, the Keeper of Life. Along the way, Alexstrasza is the Queen of all dragons. With the help of the Dragon Soul artifact, she was captured by orcs from the Dragonmaw clan. For a long time after her release, her location was unknown. She re-entered the arena when it was time to stop Malygos. She also took an active part in the purification of the Emerald Nightmare - she guarded the portal leading to the Emerald Dream. Once upon a time she participated in the battle with Deathwing, but escaped. Just like the others, she gave her powers to the Dragon Soul, becoming mortal.

Neltharion, an Aspect of the Earth

The powers of Neltharion were bestowed by the Titan Kaz'gorot, the Creator. Due to the dragon's close connection with the earth, the first one went crazy under the influence of the whispers of the Ancient Gods. Everyone used to love him and Malygos considered him his best friend, that's why he rushed to the attack first. The end of the tyrant is predictable — as you have understood from the article, it was finally destroyed by other Aspects.

Aspects were unquestionably among the most potent creatures in World of Warcraft and had a significant impact on the development of the realm. The Dragon Aspects sacrificed their immortality during the dramatic climax of Cataclysm, signaling the end of the dragon era. The dragons disappeared into the shadows as it came time for the human heroes of Azeroth to assume their roles as the realm's protectors.

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