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10 Things You Might Not Know About X-MEN: THE LAST STAND (2006)

Here we are, the final chapter in the original X-Men trilogy. Kind of like the eldest child who’s overshadowed by their younger, flashier siblings (looking at you, ‘First Class’). But hey, eldest children have their moments, and so does 'The Last Stand'. Let’s unearth some little-known facts about this mutant-packed feature.

Singer Said Sayonara: Bryan Singer, who directed the first two films, left the franchise to helm 'Superman Returns'. Brett Ratner took over the reins, giving the film a different flavour. Some might call it "Ratner-esque". (Okay, nobody calls it that, but they could.)

Juggernaut’s Internet-Inspired Line: When Juggernaut yells, "I’m the Juggernaut, b***h!", it wasn’t just a random outburst. This line was inspired by a viral internet parody video. A true testament to how the internet shapes our real-world, even in mutant form.

Return of the Screenwriter: While Singer left, screenwriter Simon Kinberg returned to the mutant fold after working on 'X2'. Though this time, he was paired with Zak Penn, known for his work on the 'Avengers'. A super duo for a superhero movie!

Frasier’s Blue Blues: Kelsey Grammer underwent a lot of makeup to transform into Beast. We're talking hours. And if reports are believed, he'd read classical literature while becoming the blue-furred mutant. Perhaps ‘Frasier’ wasn't his only sophisticated role after all.

Angel Almost Got Clipped: Ben Foster's Angel was initially slated to appear in the first X-Men movie. Yet, the winged mutant kept getting his debut postponed. Third time's the charm, as they say!

Phoenix’s Comic Book Departure: The Dark Phoenix arc in the comics is sprawling and involves, among other things, an alien race. For 'The Last Stand', the storyline was distilled, focusing on Jean Grey’s inner turmoil. Sorry, aliens, maybe next reboot.

Wolverine’s Stunt Spectacle: The forest battle where Wolverine takes on the Brotherhood was incredibly stunt-heavy. Hugh Jackman, being the legend he is, performed most of his own stunts. Because nothing says authenticity like real sweat and genuine "I might have pulled a muscle" grimaces.

Multiple Mutants Cut: Several mutants had scenes filmed but were cut from the final movie. These included Psylocke, Jubilee, and even a young version of Storm. While we're sure they would’ve added flair, editing demands sacrifices. Alas, not all mutants make the evolutionary cut.

Magneto’s Golden Gate Feat: When Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge, it's an impressive spectacle. But eagle-eyed fans might notice a nod to the comics. In the background, a truck advertises “Lee’s Pizza”. Stan Lee, anyone? And who wouldn’t want a slice of that easter egg?

Dark Phoenix’s Subtle Look: In earlier drafts and concepts, Dark Phoenix was going to have a more distinct, fiery look throughout the movie. However, it was decided to keep her appearance closer to Jean, with the fiery Phoenix manifesting mostly in her powers and those intense eyes. Less is more, unless you’re talking mutant powers. Then more is definitely more.

So, there you go. Even if you've watched 'The Last Stand' multiple times, I bet there were a few surprises in there. Dive back into the film with this newfound knowledge, and may your mutant movie-watching experience be elevated!

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