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10 Things You Might Not Know About DARK PHOENIX (2019)

"DARK PHOENIX" was poised to be the swan song of the Fox-controlled X-Men cinematic universe, sending the beloved mutants off with a cosmic bang. However, behind the fiery facade of Jean Grey's explosive evolution, there are some little-known tidbits that even Professor X might've missed. So, let's venture deeper into the cerebro of the movie's creation and uncover its hidden gems, shall we?

Simon's Directorial Debut:
Many may know Simon Kinberg as the scribe behind several X-Men movies, but Dark Phoenix marked his directorial debut. And, you know, handling mutant egos for the first time from the director's chair? That’s X-tra challenging!

An Intergalactic Shift:
Original drafts had the X-Men going full space-opera, with much of the action happening among the stars. However, Kinberg opted to ground it more on Earth, making it a personal and poignant tale of Jean’s descent. Earthbound but still out of this world!

Sophie's Method Acting:
To prepare for the role, Sophie Turner studied multiple personality disorders and schizophrenia. It gave depth to her portrayal of Jean's mental fracture. Commitment level? Dark Phoenix fiery!

A Nod to Logan:
Remember that intense scene where Jean displays her overwhelming power in front of a grieving family? That’s a subtle nod to Logan, where X-23 had a similar confrontation. It’s like mutant déjà vu!

The End Wasn’t The End:
Originally, there was a completely different ending planned, one that bore a striking resemblance to another superhero movie (looking at you, Captain America: Civil War). The final act underwent reshoots to give us the train sequence. Choo-choo-choose the right ending!

Dazzler’s Dazzling Cameo:
Eagle-eyed fans would’ve spotted the mutant Dazzler during the party scene. While her role was short and sparkly, it’s a nod to the comics where Dazzler was a prominent figure during the Dark Phoenix saga.

Costume Evolution:
Our heroes don X-suits reminiscent of the X-Men comic run by Grant Morrison. These new threads symbolize the team's unity, but also subtly hint at the divisions that will pull them apart. Fashionably thematic!

Hans Zimmer's U-turn:
Zimmer had declared he was done with superhero films after Batman v Superman. But after a chat with Kinberg, he was back crafting the haunting score for Dark Phoenix. Hans down, a great decision!

X-Jet's Real-World Inspiration:
The X-Jet’s design was inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird, an advanced, long-range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft. Its sleek and stealthy design mirrors the covert operations of our mutant heroes. Flying in style!

Ending An Era:
While this wasn’t the last X-Men film released by Fox (that goes to The New Mutants), it was the final installment featuring the main team we've grown to love since 2000. A heartfelt farewell to almost two decades of mutant mayhem.

And there you have it! From cosmic rewrites to sizzling cameos, DARK PHOENIX shines brighter when you dive into its hidden depths. Now, if only we had a Cerebro to uncover trivia for all movies...

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