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10 Things You Might Not Know About THE NEW MUTANTS

"THE NEW MUTANTS" took us on a wild spin, veering away from traditional superhero tales to give us a full-blown horror thriller set within the X-Men universe. But behind those creepy corridors and sinister secrets of the Milbury Hospital, there are little-known tidbits that are as surprising as Magik's Soulsword. So, don your detective hat, and let's uncover the uncanny unknowns of this mutant marvel!

The Real New Mutants:
The characters in the movie are inspired by the comic series New Mutants from the 1980s. These teens weren't your average, run-of-the-mill mutants. They had more angst, more issues, and definitely more hair gel. Comics in the '80s, am I right?

A True Horror at Heart:
Director Josh Boone is a huge Stephen King fan, and that influenced the horror tones of the film. Boone wanted it to feel like a haunted house ride but with mutant powers. Spook-tacular, isn't it?

The Demon Bear Dilemma:
Ah, the Demon Bear. In the comics, this entity was a formidable force and had a symbolic tie to Dani's psyche. But its portrayal in the film took many iterations and rewrites to find a balance between terrifying and meaningful. No teddy bear picnics here!

Maisie's Musical Prowess:
Maisie Williams, our beloved Wolfsbane, showcased her singing talent in the movie. That lullaby she sang? All her. Arya Stark may not sing, but Maisie sure does!

A Trilogy That Wasn't To Be:
Boone had initially planned for The New Mutants to be the first in a trilogy. Each film was meant to explore different sub-genres of horror. Alas, the series became a "one-hit mutant wonder", but it's fun to think of the "what ifs".

Limbo and Easter Eggs:
Illyana's teleportation realm, Limbo, is filled with hints from the comics. From the towering citadels to the subtle signs, it's an Easter egg hunt for the true comic aficionado. How many did you spot?

Real-Life Research:
To prepare for their roles, the cast actually visited a real psychiatric hospital. Talk about dedication! They interacted with patients, which helped them understand and shape their characters better. Method acting at its finest.

Lockheed's Little Surprise:
Comic fans love Lockheed, the alien dragon. In the film, he's portrayed as a puppet before revealing his true nature. This was a nod to Kitty Pryde's fairy tale in the comics where he first appeared as a fictional character. A puppet today, a hero tomorrow!

The Smiley Men's Origin:
The eerie Smiley Men are unique to the movie and aren't from the comics. Their unsettling design was an amalgamation of multiple horror influences. They’re the stuff of nightmares, without any mutant healing factor to help you recover!

A Delayed Mutant Arrival:
The movie faced numerous delays – reshoots, change in tone, merging of Disney and Fox. It was slated for 2018 but eventually saw light in 2020. A wait, but for fans, mutants are always worth it!

And there you go, 10 uncanny facts about THE NEW MUTANTS that add more layers to the film's mystique. From horror inspirations to behind-the-scenes dedication, it’s a mutant masterpiece of information!

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