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Tips On How To Design Your Home In Shabby Chic Interior Style

Each interior design style has its vibe. Sometimes it is impossible to decide and stop one of them. If you do not want to part with vintage things but prefer elegance and beauty in everything, consider designing your home in a shabby chic style. This style is a blend of cozy setting, worn, lived-in look, comfort, and elegance. 

The term shabby chic dates back to 1980. Even though this interior was inspired by Victorian fashion, it originated during the 1980s in England. The founder of this interior design was Rachel Ashwell, a London-born entrepreneur and designer who also wrote a book about shabby chic aesthetics. She enjoyed going to flea markets and enjoyed buying up old rarities. Then Rachel brought them back to life, but she didn't change them, only slightly restored them. As a result, worn vintage things turned out cute things that looked vintage and chic at the same time. 

What Does a Shabby Chic Interior Look Like? 

To capture the essence of this style, let's list the key characteristics of shabby chic. They include the use of rustic furniture, natural materials (wood), soft color palette, vintage lighting textures, linens, and textiles. Therefore, you can add a touch of character and vintage to every room you want. However, the shabby chic home office or gaming room, where you spend hours enjoying video games or Spinia, can look a bit strange. And other rooms are quite possible to decorate in this style. Let's dwell on a few important points of arrangement of the room.

Soft Colour Palette

To begin with, it is worth listing the colors characteristic of this stylistic direction. Most often used muted pastel tones: milk, beige, ivory, cream, pale pink, sand, light green, pale blue, pale lilac, light purple, light violet, lavender, and other similar ones. All shades should be pale, as if shabby and faded from time. Forget about bright and flashy colors, they are inappropriate.

Wall Finishing Materials

If you make the finishing of the walls in the style of shabby chic, the best option is to paint the walls. And try not to try at all, because the sloppier the surface will look, the more original and antique it will look. Or you can opt for paper wallpapers in stripes or with a floral print of pale colors. The ceiling is best whitewashed or painted. Beneficially emphasize elegant antiquity elements of stucco or decorative beams. The floor can be covered with parquet or laminate, stylized as natural wood. The older it will look, the better.

Vintage Furniture 

If you have old furniture in the attic or at the cottage, don't rush to throw it away, let it take on a new life. You can also go to a flea market or antique store. All items should be light-colored and give the impression of antiquity. Scuffs, peeling, and chipping will be quite appropriate. Furniture should not have sharp corners and modern details. If you do not have the opportunity to buy old furniture, age it with your own hands. Decoupage - a technique of decorating objects with the help of images on paper or fabric with subsequent artificial aging - will help. French decoupage looks original, as well as decoupage in the style of Provence. Don't forget the appropriate lighting: opt for antique crystal chandeliers with bulbs in the form of candlesticks and faded lampshades. Add to your home aesthetic vintage black-and-white photos and paintings in old shabby frames, vintage vases, dried flowers, antique clocks, and vintage textiles. Homemade DIY items are especially welcome. 

Now you know all the features of the shabby chic style. Turn your home into a vintage heaven with shabby chic! 

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