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Looking Back at MASK (1985)

In the colorful world of 1980s animated television, where transforming vehicles and heroic teams were all the rage, one show stood out as a beacon of excitement and innovation. "MASK," which stands for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, burst onto screens in 1985, creating a lasting legacy in the world of children's animation. Created by Kenner, the popular toy company behind the action figures that accompanied the show, "MASK" was a thrilling adventure that combined cutting-edge technology with good old-fashioned heroics. In this retrospective, we will delve into the origins, legacy, and impact of this classic animated series, exploring its premise, characters, production details, and more.

The Origins of MASK

"MASK" was the brainchild of Kenner, a toy company known for its action figures and vehicles. The show was developed as a means to promote their new line of action figures, which featured vehicles that could transform into combat-ready modes, complete with weapons and accessories. To bring this concept to life, Kenner teamed up with DIC Entertainment, a prominent animation studio of the time, and the result was a captivating animated series that became a beloved classic.

The first episode of "MASK" premiered on September 30, 1985, introducing viewers to the high-octane world of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. The series was set in the near future, where a secret organization known as MASK, led by Matt Trakker, battled against the nefarious Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem (VENOM), led by Miles Mayhem. This ongoing battle served as the central conflict throughout the series.

Premise and Storyline

At its core, "MASK" was an action-packed series that featured a group of heroes with specialized vehicles and masks that granted them unique abilities. Each episode followed the adventures of the MASK team as they thwarted VENOM's various schemes to acquire power and wealth. The battles were often epic, with vehicles transforming into battle-ready modes, showcasing exciting weaponry and gadgets.

The series' premise allowed for a wide range of creative scenarios, from daring heists to high-speed chases and aerial dogfights. It also introduced a sci-fi element with the powerful masks, each providing its wearer with extraordinary abilities. These masks added an element of strategy to the battles, as the MASK team had to choose the right masks to counter VENOM's threats effectively.

Character Arcs

"MASK" featured a diverse cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and character arcs. The series' protagonist, Matt Trakker, led the MASK team and served as a father figure to his son, Scott Trakker. Matt's character arc revolved around balancing his responsibilities as a leader and a father while protecting the world from VENOM's threats.

Other notable characters included the skilled and resourceful Gloria Baker, the tech-savvy Bruce Sato, and the adventurous Brad Turner. As the series progressed, viewers witnessed the development of these characters, their relationships with one another, and their growth as heroes.

Supporting and Returning Characters

"MASK" also featured a host of supporting characters, including the intelligent computer AI known as T-Bob and Matt Trakker's loyal robotic pet, Rax. These characters added depth and humor to the series, providing moments of levity amid the intense action sequences.

Additionally, several recurring villains from the VENOM team added an ongoing rivalry that fans enjoyed. Notable VENOM members included Sly Rax, Vanessa Warfield, and the cunning Cliff Dagger, all of whom brought their unique skills and personalities to the battle against MASK.

Behind the Scenes Production Details

The production of "MASK" involved collaboration between Kenner and DIC Entertainment. Kenner's expertise in toy design and marketing was instrumental in creating the action figures and vehicles that accompanied the show. DIC Entertainment, on the other hand, brought their animation prowess to the table, ensuring that the series was visually stunning and action-packed.

The show's production team worked tirelessly to create the transforming vehicles and masks, ensuring that they were faithful to the toy line while also being visually impressive on screen. The result was a seamless blend of innovative toy design and engaging storytelling.

Voice Cast and Guest Stars

The voice cast of "MASK" was comprised of talented actors who brought the characters to life. Doug Stone voiced the protagonist, Matt Trakker, and is known for his work on other animated series such as "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe." Brendan McKane lent his voice to Miles Mayhem, the series' primary antagonist.

One notable aspect of "MASK" was the inclusion of famous guest stars who provided voices for various characters. These guest stars added to the show's appeal and included recognizable names from the world of entertainment.

Facts about the Series

  • "MASK" was known for its memorable theme tune, with the catchy lyrics: "MASKed Crusaders, working overtime Fighting crime, fighting crime Secret raiders who will neutralize As soon as they arrive The track is gonna leave a mission And spectrums got such super vision MASKed Crusaders, is the mighty power they can save the day MASKed Crusaders, no one knows what lies behind their masquerades MASKed Crusaders, always riding on Venom's trail Come see the laser rays Fire away"

  • The series was a commercial success and garnered a dedicated fanbase during its run.

  • "MASK" had impressive viewing figures at the time, with many children tuning in to watch the exciting adventures of the MASK team.

Legacy and Spin-Offs

"MASK" left a lasting legacy in the world of animated television. Its innovative concept of transforming vehicles and heroic teams inspired other series and toy lines in the years that followed. The show's popularity also led to the creation of comic books and merchandise, further solidifying its place in pop culture.

In addition to its animated run, "MASK" also saw a spin-off in the form of a toy line and comics. The series continued to thrive in the hearts of fans long after it had concluded.


In conclusion, "MASK" remains a beloved classic in the world of animated children's television. Created as a means to promote a toy line, the series surpassed expectations with its engaging storyline, memorable characters, and innovative transforming vehicles. Its legacy endures, and fans continue to remember the adventures of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. As the theme tune once proclaimed, "MASKed Crusaders, always riding on Venom's trail." The legacy of "MASK" lives on, a testament to the enduring power of animated storytelling.

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