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5 Things you might not know about ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY

Geek Dave of TheTriviaGeeks.Blogspot.com stays classy.

1. San Diego is such an important part of Anchorman, but in the original draft of the script it is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the proposed film doesn't even take place in America. This version of Anchorman involved two planes colliding, on featuring an enlarged Channel 4 News Team out to cover a story and the other is full of monkeys and martial arts equipment. Both planes crash onto a remote mountain, Ron and the gang play 'king of the hill' against the ninja-monkeys and end up going cannibal on each other, leaving just the core 4 (Ron, Brian, Champ and Brick) to be rescued.

2. That core four could've looked quite different. Will Ferrell was always going to be Ron Burgundy, but the other three actors all came to the parts quite late. John C. Reilly was offered the role of Champ Kind, Ben Stiller was sought out for Brian Fantana and Chris Parnell was the original choice for Brick Tamland.

3. Whilst on the subject of Brick Tamland. Once Anchorman was green lit, DreamWorks suggested that he was cut out of the movie completely! From reading the script they couldn't see that the character had any relation to what was going on in any scene he was in. But surely, that's the point of Brick isn't it?

4. Although neither of them appear in the movie, and were both relatively unknown at the time, Adam Scott and Jon Hamm are credited as writers in the Channel 4 News titles seen during the movie.

5. There's a Mexican restaurant featured in Anchorman that is called 'Escupimos en su Alimento'. If you're not fluent in Spanish you might not know that it translates to 'We spit in your food'.

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