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The 10 funniest geek moments of 2013

As we are about to say goodbye to 2013 we thought we'd take a look back at 10 of our favourite funniest geekiest moments of the last year, starting with...

Big Bang Theory goes to Comic-Con
When the boys from The Big Bang Theory decided to take a road trip to the Bakersfield Comic-Con they did so dressed as Star Trek: The Next Generation characters. Raj as Worf, Sheldon as Data, Leonard as Captain Picard and Howard as a Borg. When they stop for photos at Vasquez Rocks their car gets stolen. Add to this the girls visit 'where no woman has gone before', or the comic book store, and you've got one of the funniest episodes of the series to date.

The Breaking Bad Alternate Ending
We thought Breaking Bad was downright perfect right up until the last minute. It was a masterclass in story telling. And then to prove they had a sense of humour we got this...

We thought the way Mandarine was handled in Iron Man 3 was brilliant, clever, and very funny. We know that some people thought it spoiled the film. We think those people should get over themselves and get a sense of humour!

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who gave us so many treats outside of the main episode itself. There was The Night Of The Doctor, Adventures In Space And Time and then came The Five(ish) Doctor's Reboot. It was the Doctor Who episode we never knew we wanted but realised we always needed...

Ron Swanson playing an arcade game
We need to write more about our man-love for Ron Swanson. In an October episode of Parks And Recreation, Ron discovered the Big Buck Hunter video game, unlike 'real hunting' he sucked at it! It was like all those people that play guitar really well but then get their asses whipped by a 9yr old on Guitar Hero. Ron eventually went through two giant bag of quarters in order to master the game.

The Chris Stark Mila Kunis interview
As a rule we don't tend to pay much attention to Radio 1, but back in March Chris from the Scott Mills show had a chance to interview Mila Kunis whilst she was promoting Oz The Great And Powerful. They never really get round to the movie properly, although Mila does sum it up in 30 seconds, they spend the rest of their times covering Nandos, Watford, Lad Bombs and pulling pints without foam! It is pure comedy gold...

Well we never saw this on Channlel 5's World's Weirdest Weather! Sharknado was the movie event of the Summer. Well it was the SyFy movie event of the Summer anyway! It was so bad that it was hysterically good! There is even a sequel on the way. Hooray.

Arrested Development
The Netflix revival of Arrested Development wasn't to everyone's taste, but we loved it. There were many moments that we thought worthy of including here, the close contender was the musical version of The Fantastic Four, but ultimately we found the Gob-centric Episode 7 to be one of the funniest 30 minutes of television we'd seen in a long time.

Fat Schmidt
The ensemble cast of New Girl is pretty excellent throughout, even more so now they've got Damon Wayans Jr back, but we have to say that it is Max Greenfield's portrayal of Schmidt that is the highlight of the show for us. Generally he's quite a douche! But a douche that makes us laugh. However in the flashbacks when he's 150lbs heavier he's even funnier. A regular character who used to be fat is nothing new on a sit-com (Monica from friends for example) but there's something about Fat Schmidt that makes us laugh more than we probably should at our age!

Stephen Colbert and friends get lucky
Thank heavens for viral videos otherwise we wouldn't have discovered this gem. When Daft Punk cancelled their appearance on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert decided to produce his own video for the song Get Lucky, and he roped in some of his friends including, Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie and Henry Kissenger...

Here's to you 2013!

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