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We think HAN SOLO will die in Star Wars Episode VII !!!

"I have a bad feeling about this!"

We really think that Han Solo is going to die in Star Wars Episode VII. For now we're just gonna have to mark this one down as gut instinct, but there are a lot of signs that are leading us to this conclusion.

Let us look at the evidence...

1. Just yesterday we reported that the Walt Disney Chairman, Alan Horn, confirmed that they are still on schedule for a new Star Wars movie every year starting with Episode VII in 2015. Alternating between sequels and standalone adventures.

2. It has long been rumoured that Lawrence Kasdan was scripting a standalone Han Solo origins style movie, with an eye to that being the first standalone release.

3. It is well known that Harrison Ford really wanted the character of Han Solo to die in the original trilogy.

4. Harrison Ford is 71.

5. There's a potential Indiana Jones movie on the horizon.

6. It's long been thought that the story arc of the new trilogy will focus on the children of Han and Leia.

So when we put all that together we think that they managed to lure Harrison Ford back to the role of Han Solo with a one movie deal and the promise of a good death for the character. Han's death in Episode VII will be the spark that sends his Son on a journey towards the force, and he will approach mysterious Uncle Luke for guidance. Either that or it turns him to the dark side!

This is a perfect way to end the first film and then show a younger Han Solo origin story the following year. After all, Disney wouldn't want to have two Han Solo time streams out there, would they?

Meanwhile Harrison Ford can dust down the old whip and fedora for one final Indiana Jones outing before a well deserved retirement.

Only time will tell what happens. With JJ Abrams at the helm information may be hard to find until the movie is finally out there. But if Han does die who gets custody of Chewbacca?

If we're right or wrong, a young Han Solo movie will most definitely need a younger actor. We'd rather see an unknown in the part but are also not against the idea of Joel Edgerton picking up the blaster.
Who do you think could play young Han?

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