KAREN GILLAN talks Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Biscuits and Dinosaurs! - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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KAREN GILLAN talks Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Biscuits and Dinosaurs!

Karen Gillan took part in a Reddit AMA today, and although she was clearly there to promote Oculus and Guardians Of The Galaxy she was absolutely flooded with Doctor Who questions (natch!).

So what did we learn? Well...
  • She'd love to work with Matt Smith or Arthur Darvill again.
  • Her favourite Amy Pond outfit was the kissogram one.
  • Matt's regeneration scene was the saddest thing she's ever watched.
  • If she could be any alien from Doctor Who she'd be a Silurian!
  • And as a memento of her time on the show she took the binoculars from the Tardis.
But that was just the start, here are some of our favourite Q&A's from Karen Gillan's AMA

I am a huge fan but just have one question. What is your honest opinions on bow ties?
Secretly cool, but don't tell anyone I said that.

Can you tell us one secret about Matt?
Matt eats a whole packet of chocolate biscuits a night with tea.

Did you and Matt swap wigs filming the Time of the Doctor?
No, but I wish more than anything, that we had.

Of course the topic of dinosaurs was bought up (natch, again!). What does Gillan think is the best dinosaur?
Pterodactyl. They get to fly and be a dinosaur.
When it was pointed out that pterodactyls are pterosaurs, not dinosaurs, she swiftly came back with:
Talk to Spielberg.

Karen received several offers of marriage but batted them all away. One clever Reddit'er pointed out that if she married Nathan Fillion she'd be Karen Gillan Fillion!

Finally, this just made me love Karen Gillan more than ever:
Karen, my son thinks you're pretty. He's almost four, so back off.
That's so adorable. I bet he says that to all the girls. Tell him I said hi. What's his name?
His name is Parker.
Source: Reddit

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