STEVEN MOFFAT talks about PETER CAPALDI's Scottishness! - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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STEVEN MOFFAT talks about PETER CAPALDI's Scottishness!

Worst. Companion. Ever.
Whilst speaking at the BAFTA Game Awards, Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat revealed how he believes Peter Capaldi will make the part of the Doctor his own.

We already know he's a very accomplished actor, with over 30 years of experience on the stage and screen. He's also a lifelong Doctor Who fan and likely knows more about the series than you or I, but what is it that Peter Capaldi will bring to the part that will make him so special?

Well according to Steven Moffat it's his....
"Scottishness. I think that’s the main thing,” laughing “I mean watching him, and I just watched episode two actually, you don’t go around thinking this is an older bloke as The Doctor, particularly. But then I don’t know if I ever thought Matt Smith was young?
“You just think my god, he’s Scottish! And doomed dialogue  [sounds] great in Scottish. You say the world’s about to end in a Scottish accent, and you really believe it!”
He's got a point, I can just hear it in my head right now.

Before we go, let's just share the original caption we had for the picture above...

The years had not been kind to Jenna Colman
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