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Welcome... to JURASSIC WORLD

Now this looks pretty great. It's the concept art for Jurassic World, featuring the fully operational dinosaur theme park, complete with monorail - because that's what was missing the first time around! Set on Isla Nublar (the site of the first film's action) and designed by Nathan Schroeder - an artist whose recent work includes Avengers Assemble, Star Trek and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - I really like the clean white modern look that he's given the park. Hopefully this stays during production, although i guess that after the dinosaurs start running amok and eating the guests things might get messed up a bit!

Jurassic World is set to open on 12th June 2015. The movie stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Ty Simpkins and BD Wong, who reprises his role as Dr. Henry Wu, one of the scientists in the first Jurassic Park film.

It had been rumoured that Idris Elba might be a late addition to the cast, but director Colin Trevorrow quashed that this weekend.

I think he's got a point!

Source: International Business Times

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