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The 10 funniest geeky things of 2014 so far

With three months gone of 2014 already we'd thought it was time to take a look back at some of the funniest and awesome geeky things we've discovered this year so far. Here are our 10 favourites.

Right back at the start of the year we discovered this wonderful calendar full of pensioners recreating famous scenes from movies, including Titanic, The Blues Brothers, Dirty Dancing and James Bond...

View the rest of the calendar here
Also in January a guy called Sairam Gudiseva wrote a paper on Quantum Physics, in it he very cleverly managed to subliminally 'Rick Roll' his physics teacher by embeding the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up one word at a time on the start of every line...

Turning our attention to Game Of Thrones. Have you ever wondered just what the name Joffrey means? Well I'm not convinced this listing in the Urban Dictionary is correct, but it sure made me laugh.

LEGO mania went into overdrive when the LEGO movie was released, and this very clever commercial break, featuring LEGO Vinnie Jones, LEGO Lenny Henry and a whole lot more, was a great bit of cross promotion.

A fan made mash-up video gave us the genre crossover we'd always dreamed of, Doctor Who meets Star Wars.

Another hilarious mash-up video took the excitement of the Winter Olympics and the playability of Mario Kart to create a sport we'd certainly pay to watch.

Who knew that President Obama was such a great stand up comedian? Back in February during a Manufacturing Innovation Event at the White House he dropped a great geeky Iron Man gag, and then carried on working the room like a seasoned pro.

Photographer Karen Abad 'borrowed' her friends baby, dressed her up and created some amazing shots of her favourite shows. We really loved the Breaking Bad style baby Walter White and the baby Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones.

View the other photos here

More LEGO madness. The very clever people at BrickFun put together a pretty awesome Simpsons/LEGO Movie mash-up.

Most recently we loved these fan made images of all 13 Doctors as dogs, or Dog-tor's if you will! David Tennant's long haired chihuahua was great but Peter Davison's Labrador won it for me.

View all Dog-tors here

We will of course keep looking out for more new funny and awesome geeky things to bring your way throughout the rest of 2014.

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