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DOCTOR WHO series 8 filming - Orange spacesuits back again

Picture courtesy of Mark Palace

Filming continued on episode 7 of Peter Capladi's debut season today. The action has switched from Lanzarote to the slightly less exotic, but very lovely looking, Aberavon beach in Port Talbot, Wales.

Those orange spacesuits were back once more! We've already seen Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) wearing one during the filming for episode 4 of series 8. Today we had Clara (Jenna Colman), the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and the new recurring character played by Ellis George (possibly Danny Pink's little sister, her character name was overheard as being 'Courtney') all sporting the orange attire. Joining them on the far right of the picture above is recently announced guest star Hermione Norris.

Picture courtesy of Ty Davies
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Colman took the time to stop and talk to fans, Capaldi claimed he was wearing David Tennant's spacesuit - Ten wore it in 'The Impossible Planet' and 'The Waters of Mars', it cropped up again on Eleven in 'Hide'.

Picture courtesy of Ty Davies

There's a full gallery of images here.

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