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Sylvester McCoy, Andrew Cartmel, Gareth David-Lloyd & more at Con Kasterborous

It is no secret that for more than fifty years now, the BBC television series Doctor Who has presented audiences around the world and of all ages with tales of the Doctor and his journeys through time and space. With its revival in 2005 and its subsequent success, the show's fandom has also seen something of a resurgence along with it. Alongside long standing conventions in the United States such as Gallifrey One and Chicago TARDIS, new conventions have begun popping up for those unable to get to those events.

Since 2012, the city of Huntsville, Alabama has been home to an ever growing convention dedicated to the series. Named Con Kasterborous (after the constellation of which Gallifrey is/was a part of), the convention began as what seemed a low key event that, without a Doctor or companion as guests its first year, nevertheless managed to bring in around five hundred attendees. For last year's convention, actress Caitlin Blackwood (who played the young Amelia Pond and is Karen Gillan's cousin in real life) was a guest and saw the convention bring in a thousand attendees. This year's convention, taking place June 28th and 29th, will see the convention growing once again in a number of ways.

This time though, there will be a few changes in store for attendees. The first is a change of location which sees the convention moving a couple of miles down the road to a larger venue at the Westin in the Bridge Street Town Centre. But perhaps the biggest change will be in its guests.

For the first time, the convention will see one of the actors who has played the Doctor in attendance in the form of Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, who has also played the role of Radagast in the recent Hobbit films. The convention will also see McCoy era script editor Andrew Cartmel as a guest, helping to cover the McCoy era from both in front of and behind the camera. Returning as a guest this year will be IDW Doctor Who comic artist Kelly Yates whose work includes their acclaimed multi-Doctor stories The Forgotten and Prisoners Of Time. The convention will also welcome actor Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto Jones in Torchwood, who as well as talking about that role will be there alongside noted fan author and video editor Lady Soliloque to promote her Enoch The Traveler series that he is involved with.

As well as opportunities to get photographs and autographs with the guests, the convention will see a number of other events taking place. There will be panels covering various aspects of the series both old and new and topics in-between such as Big Finish, and fan productions such as The Forgotten Doctor webseries. While those interested in cosplaying might like to take part in the cosplay contest or attending one of the panels on the topic. There will also be a dealers room where fans can buy merchandise and a room showing episodes from across the show's long history. So, if you're a fan of Doctor Who, there's something for you to do.
Pre-registration for Con Kasterborous will close on June 20th though those wishing to come to the convention can purchase tickets at the door as well. Tickets will be $60 for both days, $35 for Saturday only and $30 for Sunday. For more information and a list of events taking place at the convention, visit the convention's website

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