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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY episode 10 8pm-9pm REVIEW

Brad Wilson follows the action in another non-stop episode of 24: Live Another Day. Here's his review of 8pm-9pm.

Good-freakin-grief. This show, I swear!

Man. Ok, a lot of things happened in this episode. The awesome thing is, I have more questions than answers, and with only two episodes left, that’s means we’re going to be guessing until the end. What more could you ask for from this show?

I keep letting myself hope for a happy ending for Jack. All the ingredients are there: Mark and Audrey in turmoil, a presidential pardon, saving the president’s life, and not to mention saving millions of lives from a terrorist. But if there’s one thing the writers of 24 like to do, it’s torture Jack Bauer.

Speaking of, what in the freakin’ world is Cheng doing back in our lives and why is he sinking his country’s ship? I will say I have to give him credit for wasting Adrian Cross. That guy was such a d-bag! Yes, I know he did his part to stop the attack on London, but that was only because he loves Chloe, not because he has a conscience. 

Turns out he built the override device; so really, this whole day is his fault. AND he was party to Kate’s husband being framed by Navarro, so he’s pretty much responsible for that too. AND he totally lied to Chloe about the death of her husband and her son just to get her to help his cause. So, let’s all give a nice golf clap to Cheng for ridding the world of that scumbag. *Clap clap clap*

I would like to say I’ve really enjoyed watching Yvonne Strahovski play Agent Morgan. If you’ve followed all of my reviews, you’ve seen my opinion of her get higher and higher. I really think the acting in this episode was done very well. Kate finds out her husband is innocent (then we find out he hanged himself in jail and she blames herself for it), and I can only imagine the pain that brings. On top of that a man she looked at as a friend and mentor caused the whole thing. Strahovski really brought it in this episode. Of course, there’s a moment where Jack drops some wisdom on her about dealing with BS in life. It’s not really insightful, but that’s Jack. He says, you just live with it. 

Now, Jack Bauer. I think we all said a collective “Yeah, bitch!” when he says to Agent Ritter in regards to interrogating Navarro, “Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t asking that was me being courteous.” You gotta hand it to Jack, he just always seems to know what he’s doing. They totally played Navarro by making it seem like Kate had snapped. That, of course, after Jack gave him a beat down.

I think the plot line that most intrigues me right now is Jack and the Russians. He’s already saved President Heller’s life, foiled a terror attack, killed the terrorist behind it, and caught a rogue CIA agent. All of this equaled a presidential pardon. However, a pardon won’t help him against a vengeful husband. Mark just can’t seem to be a likable character, can he? He knows he’s pretty much lost his marriage and he blames Jack for it. Now, the Russians are attacking (though in the previews for next week, Jack gets away and confronts Mark).

Only two more episodes to go, guys! It’s sad but it’s SO EXCITING!

Brad Wilson lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. Follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86 and check out his other articles at geekretaliation.net. You can also follow Geek Retaliation on Facebook at facebook.com/geekretaliation

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