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DOCTOR WHO Series 8 finale filming SPOILERS

Filming on the series 8 finale of Doctor Who has been taking place for the last few hours on Queen Street in Cardiff, and it seems as if it's quite an important scene taking place. Both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are on set, along with director Rachel Talalay.

Needless to say, if you want to remain spoiler free then leave now, otherwise I'll see you after the usual Captain Jack Spoiler Bomb photo...

Still here? Good!

First up, here's a nice image from itsoncardiff of the Doctor dropping in to Natwest, presumably to change some currency or something...

Now just what were they filming?
Well, it looks as if we'll be saying goodbye to Clara at the end of Series 8. The scene shot involved the Doctor and Clara talking outside the TARDIS. Clara was overheard saying "I really don't know what to do." After several exchanges of dialogue Clara eventually walks away. The Doctor is then seen resting his head in the doorway and looking sad, then entering the TARDIS and closing the door.

I'd say that sounds like a goodbye scene, wouldn't you?
It may play out to be something different but I'm told it was a very emotional scene so it really wouldn't surprise me if we were saying farewell to the impossible girl. If so, will a new companion be introduced in the Christmas episode? Or will the Doctor fly solo for that one as has often been the case?

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