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Here's the lowdown on DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Ep 5 - 8

Want to know what's coming up in the next four episodes of Doctor Who Series 8? That'll be episodes 5 to 8 by the way - Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill The Moon, and Mummy On The Orient Express.

If the answer's "yes" then you've come to the right place.  

Clearly much of the information below constitutes spoilers, so if you want to go in cold best leave now.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#478) includes previews for the four upcoming episodes, starting with Time Heist...

First a couple of voice over snippets:
» This is a recorded message. Interaction is not possible. The last clear memory of anyone in this room is of receiving a contact from an unknown agency. I am that agency. The details of what has happened since have been erased from your minds for your own protection. Pay close attention to the following briefing.

» This is the Bank of Karabraxos. The most dangerous bank in the galaxy. A fortress for the super-rich. If you can afford your own star system, this is where you keep it. No-one sets foot on the planet without protocols. All movement is monitored. All air-consumption regulated on pain of death. DNA is authenticated at every stage. Even your unauthorised presence on this planet will have been detected. Your lives are in danger. The Bank of Karabraxos is protected by the deadliest security system ever devised. » Today you are going to rob the bank of Karabraxos. » Welcome to the heist.«
A Quote from the episode:
THE DOCTOR: “Almost no-one has that number.”
CLARA: “I’ve got it.”
THE DOCTOR: “From some woman in a shop. And we still don’t know who that was.”
CLARA: (Of the ringing phone) “Is that her now?”
THE DOCTOR:” I don’t know. But there are very few people it could be.”
You can read our spoiler-free review of Time Heist here.

Moving on to episode 6 of Series 8, entitled The Caretaker

The BBC have released an official synopsis for the episode:
The terrifying Skovox Blitzer is ready to destroy all humanity – but worse, and any second now, Danny Pink and the Doctor are going to meet.
When terrifying events threaten Coal Hill school, the Doctor decides to go undercover.
Doctor Who Magazine has some more details:
Coal Hill School has a new caretaker. He hides a strange blue box in his cupboard and carries a sonic screwdriver instead of a broom. Clara is suitably mortified, but the Doctor has got bigger things to worry about – especially when Danny Pink starts to work out just what has been going on…
The magazine also reveals that there are similarities with this episode and The Lodger, in that the Doctor is trying to blend in, but he is far ruder and has no patience this time. The Caretaker will also feature the first major appearance of the new recurring character, Coal Hill pupil Courtney (first glimpsed in Deep Breath). The Doctor sees a kindred spirit in her, in that she has no social niceties. When the Doctor finally meets Danny Pink he is very rude to him, especially when he learns of his past as a soldier.

Episode Quote:
CLARA: “This school is in danger.”
THE DOCTOR: “Lucky I’m here then.”
CLARA: “From you… You wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t an alien threat nearby. Your strategy for dealing with it involves endangering this school.”
THE DOCTOR: “You don’t know that.”
CLARA: “I don’t know anything – because you haven’t told me anything. Which means I wouldn’t approve. Which means you’re endangering this school.”
The Caretaker airs Saturday 27th September, in the later time slot of 8.30pm -9.15pm

Episode 7 is called Kill the Moon...
The Moon has changed – and now it’s threatening to wipe out all life on Earth. But when the Doctor uncovers its secrets, he realises the situation is graver than anyone thought. Can he stand by and let humanity destroy the Moon?
Basically, Human astronauts (led by Hermione Norris) are trying to nuke the moon, because it has become heavier and is washing away Earth under huge tidal waves. The magazine reveals that this story was originally written for Matt Smith's Doctor. The brief from Steven Moffat to writer Peter Harness included the guide "Hinchcliffe the shit out of it for the first half" - sounds good to me! Also, it originally went under the title "Return To Sarn", but that was just a Moffat bluff. Courtney comes along an the adventure after begging the Doctor for a trip in the TARDIS.

Peter Harness reveals that the episode has a life changing dilemma for Clara, and that due to the Doctor's actions things will never be the same:
"I still don’t know how people will take it. I’m in this kind of limbo now waiting for people to see it, and I’ve no idea, really I do not know how it is going to go down. I’ve never seen the Doctor do something like this before."
Episode Quote:
Clara: “We have a terrible decision to make. It’s an uncertain decision, and we don’t have a lot of time. The man who normally helps – he’s gone. Maybe he’s not coming back. In fact, I really don’t think he is. We’re on our own…”
Finally episode 8 of Series 8 goes under the title of Mummy on the Orient Express...
The famous Orient Express, thundering along on its journey across space, came to a sudden stop. The hyperspace ribbons under its wheels faded and it began to float, engines dead. Everything was deathly quiet. “And the facade drops away,” murmured the Doctor, delighted. Upon which, he found himself very much wanted. For on the Orient Express murder had been committed. And the murderer was still on board! The Doctor investigates. He raises his mighty eyebrows and thinks – with his little grey cells…
The episode is not set aboard the ordinary Orient Express, but rather on a futuristic space train. The story is very dark, with lots of deaths and is described as a "claustrophobic horror". The Mummy of the episode kills its victims by walking towards them and they only have 66 seconds to live. The BBC have deemed the episode to be too scary for 7.30pm and so it will also be broadcast in a later time slot. Guest star Frank Skinner is playing Perkins, the train’s chief engineer.

Episode Quote:
“I have been alive a very long time, and I have yet to meet a ghost or a god that didn’t turn out to be… I don’t know, sentient gas? Or technology masquerading as magic? This is no demon. Or ghost. Or curse. And I will show you it.”
Doctor Who Magazine issue 478 is released Thursday 18th September.

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