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5 possible mysteries for BROADCHURCH season 2

There are spoilers for Season 1 of Broadchurch throughout this article.

The US remake of Broadchurch, entitled Gracepoint, has now hit American TV screens, and whereas the opening episode appears to be something of a shot for shot remake we're assured that the show will find its own direction and offer a different resolve than the original British one.

Over here in Blighty, filming is almost complete on Broadchurch season 2. No broadcast date has been set yet, although one of the locations used was reported to have been 'dressed' to represent the Christmas period. Let's face it, nothing says British Christmas TV like murder (I'm looking at you EastEnders), so I'd imagine we might just see the new series around then.

The storyline for season 2 has been shrouded with secrecy, even the cast have only been given the segments of scripts their characters are in, and then only one episode at a time. David Tennant has repeatedly claimed that he has no idea what the plot involves, which must prove quite problematic as he's been filming it since June!

So while everyone remains tight-lipped we've come up with 5 possible mysteries for season 2 of Broadchurch ourselves. And you never know, they are still filming it so if Chris Chibnall gets stuck for a plot line or two then maybe we can provide some inspiration.

It goes without saying that there are spoilers for season 1 of Broadchurch throughout the rest of the article, and it also goes without saying that we're not being totally serious with some of the suggestions...

Who killed the killer that killed Danny Latimer?
On the morning of his murder trial, Joe Miller is discovered dead in his prison cell. His attorney, let's call him Dave, reveals that the day before Joe had told him he was blackmailed into lying about his involvement in Danny Latimer's death, if he didn't follow through then his own son's life was at risk.

At first nobody believes it, but then Dave points out some left over plot threads from season 1. Including that someone must have given Joe the keys to the beach hut, and we never did find out who was sending young Tom text messages in the middle of the night.

The case is re-opened and Alec Hardy is re-instated, he insists on DS Ellie Miller joining him as his partner, even though she's "too close to the case"! The autopsy proves Joe Miller was slowly poisoned. On the days leading up to his trial Joe had been visited by 8 people, including his wife Ellie, Dave the attorney, DI Alec Hardy, Beth & Mark Latimer, Rev. Paul Coates, Olly Stevens and that psychic that Will Mellor played. All of them are now suspects in his murder.

The final episode reveals that it was a bluff and it was of course Joe all along, he poisoned himself with excessive salt rations. Still it was nice to see everyone back again for another 8 grim weeks by the seaside.

What does a recovering alcoholic clergyman do with the left over communion wine?
Think about it?
That's a series in itself.

The Secret Of The Unidentified Corpse
When another body is found on Broadchurch beach the police fear it is the work of a copycat killer. Newly promoted DI Ellie Miller gets the call at 5am, before leaving she checks on her son Tom but he is not in his room! Naturally Ellie is distraught, but Tom has actually just left the house early as he's taken over Danny's old paper round.

The identity of the body is never discovered, there are no reports of any missing people matching the description and no records are held for the cadaver's prints or dental records. The police are at a loss, so DI Miller turns to her old partner Alec Hardy for help. Along with his brother, they now run a private detective firm called The Hardy Boys.

Together, Ellie Miller & The Hardy Boys solve the case of the unidentified corpse within 45 minutes. Over the next 26 weeks in their own spin-off show they travel the coast of Britain solving case after case, including The Blackpool Bludgeoning, Murder On The Eastbourne Bypass, The Case Of The Cleethorpes Crime Syndicate and The Mystery Smell In Whitley Bay.

DI Alec Hardy: The Enemy Within
Alec Hardy is submitted into hospital with a heart condition, but when the nurse looks at his charts she sees what she thinks must be a shadow on the x-rays. Two hearts? How could this be? His condition worsens and he needs surgery. As the surgeon explores his arteries with the internal camera, Alec Hardy goes into cardiac arrest and is pronounced dead.

Later that night the morgue attendant sees a different man rising from Alec's gurney. What follows involves a beryllium atomic clock, an ambulance/police bike chase, the Eye of Harmony and Eric Roberts teeth.

The show is then not picked up for any additional episodes.

Back To Broadchurch aka The Postman Did It!
Alec Hardy keeps having the same nightmare. Every night he wakes up thinking about the postman and how that whole plot thread was totally unresolved. He never even interviewed a postman despite Jack telling him about seeing Danny arguing with one.

Alec, now wheelchair bound, manages to get himself back to Broadchurch and rents a ground floor room from Becca at the Broadchurch Hotel. He teams up with Ellie Miller, who has now left the force, to get to the bottom of the postman case.

They discover that the postman had been stealing copies of The Phoenix comic every Friday and Danny Latimer had caught him in the act. Jack had spotted them whilst Danny was trying to get his current issue away from the post thief.

Eventually Alec and Ellie discover a whole room at the postie's house full of Phoenix Comics and Lego Club magazines, all of them undelivered. It's a criminal offence and our heroes have him banged to rights.

So there you have it Mr Chibnall, what do you think?
If you need our help, you know where to find us :-)

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