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DOCTOR WHO - 12 Amazing moments from DEATH IN HEAVEN

And there it goes. Doctor Who series 8. Over so soon.

But not before a cracking good finale in the form of Death In Heaven. Here's our rundown of the moments we loved...

1. The Title Sequence
OK, so I doubt any of us were actually thinking Clara was telling the truth there - when she claimed she was the Doctor. But almost as if to spark further controversy from all those "Clara Who" haters, Steven Moffat switches up the titles and gives Jenna Coleman top billing and includes her own attack eyebrows. Managing to troll fandom during the title sequence is not an easy thing, and so I have to admit that I kinda love Moffat a little bit more than ever for that.

Well played Sir. Well played.

2. Cybermen take-off
Although I'd still love to see a return of the original men from Mondas, in lieu of absence I'll take these Cybermen any day of the week over those from Cybus Industries.

How cool was that. Taking to the sky like a scene out of Iron Man.

3. CyberDan comes to life
Lifted straight from a classic horror movie, CyberDan rises from the dead, and the morgue attendant needs a change of underwear! Oh, like you wouldn't!!

4. President Doctor
"Vote for an idiot." - Not the catchiest of campaign slogans, but it's worked for several Prime Ministers so far. As for the Doctor, well it got him unanimously elected as World President.

5. "All of time and space"
"Something for your bucket list". With the rumour that Jenna Coleman is leaving the show very soon, the thought right there that Osgood was to be the Doctor's next companion made me very happy. What a dynamic that would've been. But alas...

6. Missy Kills Osgood
Accelerating for dramatic effect, 'the bananas Master' delivered a crushing blow to both Osgood's and my dreams. But what an amazingly scripted scene, played to perfection, especially by Michelle Gomez. Toying with her prey, before delivering the killer blow.

7. "I would never, ever give up the Doctor"
Back during In The Forest Of The Night, Danny told Clara to tell him the truth, just not there. Well she finally did, and without even realising. Breaking P.E.'s cyber-heart with the declaration that the Doctor is her best friend, the person closest to her, and the one man she would never, ever lie to. I almost felt sorry for Danny for a moment....almost.

8. The name's Who, Doctor Who.
After being shaken and stirred by a group of Cybermen ripping UNIT's jet to pieces, Missy decides to speed things along by blowing the door off. She then disappears to the Nethersphere to catch a view to a kill, as Kate Stewart goes flying to her (presumed) death, shortly followed by the!!! But never fear the Doctor takes a breathtaking skyfall into the TARDIS. Proving that nobody does it better. (Warning: there is another lame Bond pun to come before this article is over).

9. Missy Poppins
Well chim-chim-cheree! How many comments have there been over the last 12 weeks about Missy resembling Mary Poppins? Loads, that's how many. So let's face it, if you were Steven Moffat, could you resist putting this scene in? No, neither could I.

10. Happy Birthday Mr President
Missy wants her friend back, the boy who ran with her when they were children. But rather than buying him a nice pair of socks, or an Amazon gift card, she presents him with an army so he can conquer the universe. But who needs an army when you're just an idiot with a box and a screwdriver?

11. The Brigadier returns
So Kate Stewart lived to die another day (I did warn you), thanks to her CyberDad, the late Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. All he ever wanted was a salute from the Doctor, and in is his Twelfth body he happily obliges.

12. No Gallifrey today
She gave the Doctor false hope, and so Missy had the last laugh. Those Gallifrey co-ordinates led to nowhere. After taking out his frustration on the poor old TARDIS console, the Doctor sets Clara free. He lies to her about discovering Gallifrey so she can live a normal life with P.E. - but little does he know that Dan Dan the Soldier Man is still on the other side.

And so the best friends part ways....for now at least. The Doctor destined to be the future Queen of Gallifrey, perhaps? Clara destined to remain Earthbound, perhaps?

Well, at least for 6 and a bit weeks until they are reunited for this year's Christmas special. I can't wait.

So, what were your favourite moments from Death In Heaven? Let us know in the comments below...

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