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Lost In Translation! Funny Bootleg DVD Covers - UPDATE

If you've ever taken a trip to the far east then it's possible you might have encountered vendors selling the latest Hollywood movies months before they make their actual official release on DVD, or copies of your favourite films and TV shows at a fraction of the price. These bootlegs can often look pretty genuine at first glance, but take a closer inspection and many of them are mash-ups of bad Photoshopping and broken English.

Often the original text gets lost in translation, the descriptions on the back of the boxes make no sense at all, and we end up with classic titles like Weaty Four (24) and The 40 Year Old Virgem! Sometimes completely different actors are added to the movie in an attempt to sell more copies. It's nothing we condone, but it does often result in some very funny covers.

So we've rounded up a massive collection of our favourite, funniest bootleg DVD covers to share with y'all (UPDATE - and now we've added even more). Enjoy...

"The white men wanted a stud to breed slaves." - I know there were those he felt The Matrix trilogy was hard to follow but I must've totally missed that plot line!

What amazes me so much about this one is that it must have taken so much more work to Photoshop than just using an actual image from the TV show. But the promise of "Amazing perform, full frontal action" is intriguing.

Because of course "the Stripes-inspired comedy" Community stars "Reese Witherspoonis", after all she is "America'smovie Sweetheart!"

I have no idea what the hell this film is, but I guarantee you "Pepe Likes Tacos' does not appear on Tom Cruise's IMDB page.

"Star Wars II: Battle Of Hoth"

They may have a point!

"you feel yourself trying too hard to make the film work" - Well, I won't bother then.

I love Weaty Four, isn't it a breakfast cereal?

"Spend together for two weeks. Let the whole family sink into unable to cay or laugh embarrassing situation" - Thank you Google Translate!

I won't retype it all, but read the description because that's not the 'Catch Me If You Can' that I remember!

What? What?

In fact, there's something less about Mar.

Best choice of quotes ever. "it is to be endured rather than enjoyed"

Spoiler: He loses his virgemity.

Again, I must be totally misunderstanding the Matrix movies. Did this happen?

The Shanghai store display for the DVD release of "Thor: The Homoerotic Adventures"


"The war returns at continue" - Continue is a small village outside Milton Keynes.

"Jesus speaks Nigeria languages" - Has he been to night school to learn all them? Crikey. Also check out the very bottom of the case - "Broadcasting time is up to 3000 minutes" - That's two days and two hours!!! Even Jack Bauer doesn't have to go on that long.

Let's face it, it would be an improvement!

"Engaging lonely between" ... "to express himself and wanting"
Never have 8 words ever so eloquently summed up the Harry Potter franchise.


Not content with speaking Nigerian languages "Mel Gidson" released a Director's cut of "The Passion Of The Cheist"

I honestly have no idea what is on offer here. Any ideas? I think the text may be referring to Twilight, but as for the top half????

Clearly no-one this side of 1998 believes that "Adam Sandler Is Simply Remarkable", especially since this is the back of the Will Smith film, I Am Legend. Unless Sandler was playing the dog?

But wait, there's a whole load more!
View the second half of our collection of funny bootleg DVD covers here, including brilliant versions of Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, The Hulk, Die Hard, Battlestar Galactica, Lost and many many more.

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