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THE FLASH Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Tricksters

The force is strong with Patrick Delaney...

Mark Motherfricking Hamill!!  That's right, Luke Skywalker himself appeared in this week's episode of the Flash, but for those of us who follow Mr. Hamill's career, this should be no surprise.  Mark is an avid comic book fan, and started his voice acting career playing Batman's arch enemy "The Joker" on the animated cartoon.  I know everyone loves the Dark Knight Joker, played by Heath Ledger, but when I read a Batman comic, it's Mark Hamill's voice I hear.  Okay, enough geeking out... but I'm sure some of you are wondering...why is old Luke Skywalker in my Flash TV show?  Well first, I should brand you a heretic for thinking such thoughts... but the truth is, this is not Mark Hamill's first time playing the Trickster.  That is correct, direct your eyes to the image below!

Just take a second to bask in the greatness that was the 90's Flash TV show.   So Mark Hamill comes back to reprise his role as the Trickster and the result is a very fun episode.  I do have to say what we get from the Trickster is very much half Hannibal Lecter and half Joker from the Batman animated series, and others may think the character is too silly, but I'm just too fanboy to care.  I smiled every time the Trickster was on screen and I hope they bring him back again.  The Trickster did have a side kick that I was really bored with to be honest, but then I figured out why he was in the show... and it was just for one line.  Mark Hamill turns to the young Trickster wannabe and says "I am your Father!"  I was freaking dying laughing.  It was very tongue-n-cheek, and a lot of winking at the camera, but you have to understand the character himself is ridiculous so, you got to play the hand your dealt right?

We do discover a big twist in the Dr. Wells saga, and that is... well, Dr. Wells is dead.  That is right, the real Dr. Wells was killed by the Reverse Flash, who then had a quick face lift to steal his identity.  His reason for doing this was because Dr. Wells was going to build the particle accelerator, but it would take him to long?  So the reverse flash just killed him and was like.. I'll just do it myself?  I love the show, but sometimes you just have to leap over the plot holes... while running at super speed!... Ah, now we know why the Flash wears red: to cover that sick burn.  You get it!  So the plot thickens for Dr. Wells, and Barry Allen starts to dig deeper into his past.

Speaking of the Flash on his own TV show, it was really cool to see him learn some of his powers that he uses in the comic books.  With help from Dr. Wells-ish-killer-guy, Barry learns to vibrate his particles so he can pass through solid objects.  This helps him escape a really bad joke from the Trickster, and furthers the Flash's evolution.  However, Dr. Shanky McFace-lift, may have tipped his hand by explaining to Barry how his powers could work in great detail.  This will come to a head soon, and knowing TV like I do, I would say episode 23 in some kind of finale.  Tell your friends, because you heard it here first!  See you next week, same Flash time ... same Flash channel?

A nerd baptized in the flames of Dungeons and Dragons, who would grow up reading comic books, and watching Star Wars like it was the only three movies ever made.. this nerd would one day share his opinions .. on the internet. God save us all ... and follow up on twitter .. @x_fenderx

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