Doctor Who: Best Look Yet At New Series 9 Monster

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They've sure been dragging this reveal out! 

Back on April 21st the BBC teased a new Doctor Who monster who would be facing off against Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in series 9...

...Less than 24 hours later and a daytime image was released, with the "new monster" in profile...

...Today, thanks to the Official Doctor Who Instagram account we have our best look yet...

...Two of them, face on (a third behind). One arm is a stump with (presumably) a weapon, as we'd already seen, but now the other arm is visable it appears to be a claw.

This new shot, especially, makes it look as if we're actually just viewing their armour, rusty old armour at that. Which means, if true, that the real villains are inside.

The big question being then, who are they?

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