BATTLE OF THE BONDS: Kisses, Cocktails, Kills, Cars & Cash - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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BATTLE OF THE BONDS: Kisses, Cocktails, Kills, Cars & Cash

It's number crunching time, as some key Bond data gets shaken and stirred into one awesome infographic.

With SPECTRE doing the business in UK cinemas, and arriving in the US later this week, it's time to analyse some key Bond data in the Battle of the Bonds.

We need to know the answers to the important questions like;
Who was the deadliest Bond with the most kills per movie?
Which Bond drove the fastest car?
Who was the luckiest of all the Bonds with the ladies? And who was the least lucky?
Which Bond drank the most?
Which Bond has performed best at the box office?
The answers to all those questions and many more are revealed in this awesome inforgraphic by Jason Falls from GB Showcase. We saw it, we loved it, we had to share it! Because when it comes to Bond infographics, nobody does it better...


Battle of the Bonds - An infographic by Jason Falls at GB Showcase

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