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How to Sterilize Earrings

Whether it is your beautiful pair of diamonds, a classy pair of yellow gold, or your favorite pair of silver hoops, it is essential to sterilize them to prevent the risk of infection. A necessary part of avoiding the risk of infection caused by your earrings is knowing how to sterilize them. They can quickly accumulate dirt and lose their glitter after wearing out, which is both unsanitary and unflattering. Many people are not aware of how to sterilize their collection of precious metals, forcing them to visit the jewelry stores regularly when their earrings build up dirt or wear. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to sterilize your earrings on your own through the following ways

1. Wash your hands
Before you start sterilizing your earrings, you need to first wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. This is an extremely significant step because it prevents infection of bacteria that can spread to piercings.

2. Use Sanitizing Solution
Put a sanitizing solution such as hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol in the bottom of a glass. Immerse the earrings in the glass and leave them for about ten minutes. Wipe the front and back of the studs with a cotton pad. Rotate them carefully as you wipe. If you have other earrings you want to wear, wipe them too. You should also do this with new earrings for your own safety. Soaking the earrings in rubbing alcohol will definitely kill germs and bacteria, which risk contaminating sensitive earlobes. However, do not use rubbing alcohol on delicate pearl earrings because it risks damage.

Alternatively, you can put some hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on a clean microfiber cloth or cotton pad. Wipe the earring thoroughly, paying attention to any part that gets into contact with your ear. Rinse carefully and leave the earrings to dry on the cloth.

3. Submerge in Hot Water
If your earrings can damage by exposing them to alcohol of hydrogen peroxide but can withstand heat, you can soak the earrings into hot water for roughly twenty minutes. Gently scrub with a clean toothbrush. Wait until the earrings are free from heat, then wash them in warm water. This method may not be as effective as sanitizing solutions, but it would help.

4. Take your Earrings to a Jewellery Store
This choice may be tricky, but it is one of the best options for an individual with extremely dirty earrings. Jewelry stores have specialized tools designed to sterilize and disinfect your earrings. These stores will use ultrasound cleaners or steam machines to clean your earrings. They will also know the type of Jewellery that is compatible with the machines.

5. Get Jewellery Cleaner Machine
If all the tips above sound like too much work, you can invest in a jewelry cleaner machine such as iSonic or SparkleSpa. Remember that these heavy-duty cleaners use ultrasound waves, which could dislodge any, lose a diamond. However, they are a sure way for a thorough cleaning, are multi-purpose, and do not need too much work.

Sterilizing earrings prevents the risk of bacterial infection and increases the durability of your earrings. With the above steps, you will learn the simplest ways to sterilize your earrings. Knowing how to sterilize the earrings both thoroughly and quickly can be exceptionally helpful when you are off to an event and have chosen a pair that you haven’t work for a long time. You will need the quick version to do this. If you have enough time, you can go for a thorough one. More ways can be found in the following links: and

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