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Marvel's ETERNALS: Everything We Know So Far UPDATE

It's our continually updating round-up of all the information we have so far about Marvel's Eternals.

Eternals, the twenty fifth entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is currently in production. This page is dedicated to everything we know so far. Anything that is fact will be presented in regular type, anything that's rumoured but looking likely will be written in italics. You'll find links throughout to original/external news stories and articles containing further information, where available.

You may want to bookmark this page and check back often as we'll keep updating it with all the new information for Eternals as and when we get it, right up to when the film debuts.

Be warned there could be potential SPOILERS throughout,
although Marvel are pretty good at keeping a lid on these things.

So without further ado, let's get on with it.

Release Date
Eternals is set to be released in both the United States and the United Kingdom on November 6th 2020. It's thought international territories will see a release date the same week, with the UK release potentially being Thursday April 30th, but as of now the first country to see the film looks to be France who have a currently scheduled release date of November 4th 2020, with Germany one day later on November 5th 2020.

Gemma Chan is said to be in negations for an undisclosed role. She would not be reprising her character from Captain Marvel. Barry Keoghan is also in talks for another undisclosed role.

UPDATE: August 24th 2019 - At Disney's D23 Expo it was announced that Kit Harrington will be joining his old Game of Thrones co-star Richard Madden as he has been cast as Dane Whitman (aka The Black Knight). Additionally, Gemma Chan will be playing Sersi, and Barry Koeghan as Druid.

In June 2018, Marvel tasked Matthew and Ryan Firpo to write the script for Eternals, with their outline said to be including a love story between the characters Sersi and Ikaris.

On September 21st 2018 Marvel hired ChloƩ Zhao to direct Eternals. Zhao, who had also been in the running to direct Marvel's Black Widow, was chosen from a shortlist reportedly including Nicole Kassell, Travis Knight, and the pair of Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra.

Principal photography began in July 2019 at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England.

Positioning In The Wider MCU
Eternals will be the twenty fifth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the second cinematic chapter of Phase Four, following Black Widow (and the Disney+ series' The Falcon And The Winter Soldier).

As for when the film itself is actually set, well that's unknown at this time, but in June 2018, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated that they were interested in exploring the "ancient aliens kind of sci-fi trope" of the Eternals being the inspiration for myths and legends throughout the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps this could take place pre-MCU?

The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations.

The plot is unknown at this time, but was originally reported to include a love story between the characters Sersi and Ikaris. At the time of her casting Angelina Jolie was thought to have been playing Sersi, but now it is known her role is that of Thena, so either Ikaris' romantic interest has changed, or Sersi is about to be cast (Gemma Chan, perhaps?).

In February 2019, Kevin Feige has stated that Marvel consider The Eternals to be a "perfect transition" into its next phase of films, as it allows the studio to cast a diverse group of actors to portray the various Eternals. He went on to say that Marvel was interested in the characters due to...
Jack Kirby's immense, amazing epic with Eternals that spans tens of thousands of years. [...Marvel] want to create more ensemble films from the start, like Guardians of the Galaxy, rather than building up to an ensemble crossover [as they had with The Avengers], and introduce characters that the majority of the world has never heard of.
As well as Lauren Ridloff playing the first deaf superhero, Eternals has been long rumoured to include a gay superhero. During the 2019 SDCC Marvel Studios panel in Hall H, Kevin Feige confirmed that the film includes an LGBTQ character.

As for the characters themselves, right now all we can do is look at Jack Kirby's source material for clues on how they may transisition to the screen.

In the comics, Thena (Angelina Jolie) is the daughter of Zuras and Cybele. She was originally named Azura, but Zuras changed it to seal the bond with the Olympian gods. Often mistaken for Athena, Athens was built for her. She had twin children in an affair with Kro and hid them, but became re-involved with her children after Dr. Daniel Damian tried to kill them.

Ikaris (Richard Madden) is a Polar Eternal, son of Virako and Tulayn, and father of Icarus (that one) It is not known what Ikaris' birth-name was but he adopted the name "Ikaris" after his son, the Icarus of legend, was killed. Ikaris became Prime Eternal after challenging Thena. Under the alias of "Sovereign", he introduced the Eternals to the world as a team of super-heroes called the "New Breed".
Sersi (currently uncast and not confirmed as appearing) has the power to manipulate molecules and atoms. Daughter of Helios and Perse, Sersi is the only Eternal who is a fifth-level adept at matter manipulation. She became famous in Greek Mythology through her encounter with Odysseus, prefers to live among humans and likes to throw parties. In the comics she once became an Avenger after Captain America asked her to transmute him so that he could go undercover as a teenager.

Ajak (Selma Hayek) is another Polar Eternal and in the comics is actually a male character born to Rakar and Amaa, and brother of Arex. With Arex, they were known in Greece as Ajax the Greater and Ajax the Lesser. Ajak disintegrated himself after he discovered he had killed many sets of human twins in Eternals: The Herod Factor.

That's everything we know at this stage, but as we hear of any news surrounding the upcoming Eternals movie we will update this page, so check back soon.

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