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That Time Jason Statham Was A Catalogue Model

I'll have the zipper track suit with matching stadium training pants please.

In our continuing series looking back at the incredibly varied pre-moviestar career of Hollywood tough guy Jason Statham, we move on from his years spent as a professional athlete in Britain's National Swimming Squad, past the time he was a dancer in electronic pop music videos and reach "Jason Statham: The Catalogue Years".

If anyone got more out of the 1990s than Jason Statham then I'd like you to find them for me. He started the nineties by representing England at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in the 10 meter, 3 meter, and 1 meter diving competitions. He'd end the decade a movie star, thanks to his role as "Bacon" in Guy Ritchie's 1998 crime comedy thriller Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Between that he shook his money maker for The Shamen, was sprayed silver for Erasure, and could be found modelling sportswear within the pages of many a catalogue.

It wasn't Jason Statham's nearly naked appearances in the music videos that got him signed up by a modelling agency, rather it was while he was training at London's Crystal Palace National Sports Centre when he was spotted by the agency Sports Promotions who specialised in sports modelling.

It's quite easy to date "Jason Statham: The Catalogue Years" as the image above must be pre-1993 as by the time Statham danced for The Shamen his hair was as good as gone. And it's just about still clinging on for dear life below when Statham modeled the sports casual look within the pages of your mum's favourite catalogue...

However, by 1995, when Jason Statham was modelling for Timberland, his hair is as good as gone...

The big names came calling, with Tommy Hilfiger and Levis using Jason Statham for various modeling contracts during the mid-90s and it was this modelling work, rather than his previous turns in music videos, that saw him cast in the 1995 promo for Dream A Little Dream by The Beautiful South.

Yes, in the now almost obligatory pre-fame Jason Statham music video segment of these articles, here he is in a near-blink-and-you'll-miss-him moment as a cinema goer who arrives late for the showing of French Kiss (the song taken from its soundtrack). You'll spot The Stath at 1:36 seconds in what I believe is his only non-dancing, non-diving music video appearance...

So near yet so far, eh Jason? Never fear your turn on the big screen will come soon enough but first we need to get you out of the pages of the catalogues and onto the catwalk.

Although when Jason Statham did make the leap to runway fashion modelling he clearly gave his old mates in the music video business a call and borrowed some body paint, as in the 1996 Griffin spring/summer collection, mixing Military-Sportswear-Heritage, Statham donned the body paint one more time and took a pre-Darth Maul approach on the Paris catwalk...

In 1997, Statham modeled for the clothing brand French Connection during their controversial FCUK branding phase. After he became famous, a spokesperson for the high street clothing chain said:
"We chose Jason because we wanted our model to look like a normal guy. His look is just right for now: very masculine and not too male-modelly."
Normal guy? Good grief!...

I don't even know why I get up in the morning.

It was while he was working as a model for French Connection that Jason Statham was introduced to fledgling British director Guy Ritchie who was developing a film project and needed to fill the role of a street-wise con artist.

And the rest is history.

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