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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: August 13th

Is it really the best?

August 13th
Once again, we have a day with no new actual episodes of Doctor Who aired, but there is something from August 13th 2011 when the world was getting ready for the return of the Eleventh Doctor and the second half of the sixth series of Doctor Who.

It seems that the North American audience needed something of a memory jog to help them recall what had happened when A Good Man Goes To War, and so the nice people at BBC America put together a talking head's style documentary for them.

Featuring people totally unrelated to the world of Doctor Who but referred to as 'celebrities', The Best Of The Doctor eventually found itself included on the DVD release of The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe, and it also included a short preview of what was to come when the show returned to North American screens in the Fall of 2011...

Yes, I know we're clutching at straws for something to include in this daily round-up of Doctor Who episodes broadcast, spin-off's aired, birthday's celebrated etc etc but tomorrow (oh, tomorrow) we really do have an episode to include.

Sort of.

See you then.

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