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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: August 26th

Erm, that's not today, is it?

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August 26th
As just about everyone visiting this page will likely know, Doctor Who began on November 23rd 1963 with the broadcast of An Unearthly Child. However the episode broadcast that Saturday in November was not the one originally shot.

The original unbroadcast pilot was recorded on Friday 27th September 1963 in Lime Grove D studio. It was rejected by the BBC who ordered a re-shoot, that was the episode which was broadcast. The 16mm film from that original pilot sat on a shelf in the BBC's archive for almost 30 years until 26th August, Bank Holiday Monday, 1991, when at 2:15pm in the afternoon on BBC2, 1.7 million viewers tuned in to it's delightful wobblyness.

So yes! Yes it is today! A premiere broadcast of a version of An Unearthly Child episode 1, and the first time the original TARDIS crew performed on camera together.

Also on this day, in 2011 the eighth episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, titled End of the Road, received its premiere broadcast on US cable channel Starz. 1.17 million viewers tuned in to discover that, alas, it was not the end of the road of Miracle Day as there was still some business with the Earth's vagina. Or something like that. I'm still not quite sure.

Related Programming
The 2013 Doctor Who Prom was broadcast on BBC One on August 26th that year. Featuring highlights of the concert that took place at the Royal Albert Hall in July 2013, the Prom showcased Murray Gold's music from Doctor Who and featured Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. 1.45 million tuned in at 4pm that Bank Holiday Monday.

Join us again tomorrow for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the spin-offs, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Doctor Who history.

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