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Today In #DoctorWho History: September 6th

How long have you got?

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September 6th
WOW! What a bumper day of Doctor Who we have today on September 6th.

We begin with a Classic Who years segment, and first up in our daily round-up of the episodes broadcast throughout the show's history we have the Fourth Doctor facing part 2 of The Terror of the Zygons, broadcast in 1975 at 5:45pm and watched by 6.1 million viewers. We stick in the realm of teeth and curls for part 2 of The Leisure Hive, which drew 5 million viewers when broadcast on Saturday September 6th 1980.

Then in 1986, having narrowly escaped cancellation, the Sixth Doctor began The Trial Of A Time Lord. The individual story titles did not appear on screen, but what was part one of The Mysterious Planet was broadcast on Saturday September 6th at the ridiculously early time of 4:46pm! 4:46pm???? Anyone would think the BBC had it in for the show... oh, right. Well you may be surprised to know that it still attracted an audience of 4.9 million viewers - so suck it Mr Grade!

And we're not done with Classic Who on this day yet as we still have to check in with the Seventh Doctor for part one Battlefield, which was broadcast in 1989 and watched by 3.1 million viewers. September 6th was a Wednesday evening back in 1989, and the whole season was put up against Coronation Street - the highest rated program on British television at the time - so although 3.1 million viewers might not sound like much, it's a mighty fine achievement for any show to get that kind of rating in that time slot.

In the modern-Who segment we have the Twelfth Doctor's third adventure, Robot Of Sherwood, which was broadcast on this day in 2014 to an audience of 7.28 million viewers.

Related Programming
Back in 2002 the final part of the Doctor Who webcast Real Time was available to watch from 12:00pm on the now-defunct BBCi website. Starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, and featuring the Cybermen, you can view the whole thing here.

And finally, back in 2014 if you felt you hadn't had enough of Robot Of Sherwood then after the episode finished you could press your red button and be treated to this...

Yes, it's fights, tights and comic delights! The third ever episode of Doctor Who Extra spoke with Peter Capaldi, Ben Miller, Mark Gatiss and the team responsible for reviving the legend of Robin Hood.

Join us again tomorrow for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the spin-offs, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Doctor Who history.

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