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The Cast Of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer": Where Are They Now?

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. But where is she now?

Based on the 1992 film of the same name, Buffy The Vampire Slayer premiered on March 10th 1997 and ran for 7 seasons. The series narrative follows Buffy Summers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), the latest in a line of young female slayers known as the ”Chosen Ones”, who is called by fate to battle against vampires, demons, and other forces of darkness. Buffy wants to live a normal life, but she slowly learns to embrace her destiny, aided by a Watcher, who guides, teaches, and trains her and, unlike her predecessors, a circle of loyal friends who become known as the "Scooby Gang".

Signing off on May 20th 2003, after 144 episodes, the Scooby Gang all went their own way. What happened to them and where are they now? Join as as we explore whatever happened to the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers)
After winning the 1995 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her the role of Kendall Hart on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children, Sarah Michelle Gellar received widespread recognition for her portrayal of Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, earning five Teen Choice Awards and a Golden Globe Award nomination.

In 2002 Geller married Freddie Prinze Jr, who she has starred/guest-starred with in the films several successful Hollywood productions including I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), Scooby-Doo (2002), and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004). Other successful Hollywood films she has starred in include Scream 2 (1997), Cruel Intentions (1999), and The Grudge (2004), as well as appearing in many independent features such as Southland Tales (2006), Suburban Girl (2007), and Veronika Decides to Die (2009).

On the small screen Gellar went on to headline the short-lived CW drama thriller series Ringer (2011–2012) and the CBS comedy series The Crazy Ones (2013–2014). In 2015, Gellar co-founded Foodstirs, a food crafting brand and e-commerce startup selling baking kits, and in 2017, she released her own cookbook, Stirring Up Fun with Food.

Most recently Sarah Michelle Geller returned to her Cruel Intentions role of Kathryn Merteuil for the 2016 TV movie sequel, she also appeared as herself in the 2019 The Big Bang Theory episode The Stockholm Syndrome, and will be proving the voice of Teela in the upcoming Master Of the Universe: Revelation series that will air on Netflix later this year.

Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris)
As Xander Harris, Nicholas Brendon appeared in all but one of the 144 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. After the series ended, co-starred in the 2004 ABC Family movie, Celeste in the City. In 2006, he reunited with his former Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star Charisma Carpenter in the ABC Family TV movie Relative Chaos. That same year Brendon co-starred with Noah Wyle in the play Lobster Alice at the Blank Theatre Company in Los Angeles, and has subsequently appeared in the Blank Theatre's annual Young Playwrights Festival and its 2009 productions of The SantaLand Diaries,and Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them

In 2007, Brendon made his first appearance on the TV series Criminal Minds in the recurring role of FBI technical analyst Kevin Lynch, appearing in 22 episodes over the next seven years. He has most recently been seen in the 2019 TV series Dark/Web playing Donovan.

Away from stage and screen, Nicholas Brendon has published his own web comic Very Bad Koalas, and was included as part of a summit for writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics (which also featured Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss and the then-incoming Buffy writer Christos Gage) and remained involved with the show's canonical comic book series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten, on stories centering on his character.

Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg)
A star before Buffy The Vampire Slayer, thanks to her early movie career in 1988's My Stepmother Is An Alien, Alyson Hannigan followed her five years in the Scooby Gang with a decade long stint as Lily Aldrin in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother for which she won a People's Choice Award in 2009. Hannigan is also well known for co-starring in the American Pie film series.

Since 2018, Hannigan has provided the voice of Claire Clancy in the Disney Junior animated series Fancy Nancy, and will next be seen alongside Mira Sorvino in the upcoming feature film Dodie & Cheryl Get Hitched; an offbeat comedy about two small town lesbians who decide to get married and the ugly swell of hypocrisy with which they have to contend.

Anthony Head (Rupert Giles)
Well known in the UK before Buffy as one half of the Gold Blend couple, in a long-running series of television advertisements for coffee, you may well have seen Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon in Merlin, and as the Prime Minister in Little Britain, to name just two of his more high-profile post-Buffy roles.

More recently, Anthony Head played Ed Price in the British mystery/thriller series The Stranger as well as guest-starring as Rupert Thorne in a couple of episodes of Amazon Prime's reworking of Jack Ryan. And if by any chance you've been playing Assassin's Creed: Gold during lockdown you may have heard him voicing Isaac Newton!

James Marsters (Spike)
As vampire Spike, James Masters went from antagonist to ally to lover, appearing in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel. Since then, he has played the alien super villain Brainiac on the Smallville, Captain John Hart on Torchwood and terrorist Barnabas Greeley in Syfy's Caprica. Masters has had a recurring role as Victor Hesse in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, and has recently played Victor Stein in the Marvel series Runaways, as well as Xavier on the Netflix series The Order.

Emma Caulfield (Anya)
Emma Caulfield first appeared on Buffy The Vampire Slayer in series three as Anyanka (Anya for short), a former vengeance demon who specialised in avenging scorned women, and joined the Scooby Gang from season four. A whole lot of guest-starring roles came Caulfield's way after the show ended, including appearances on Monk, Private Practice, Leverage, the US version of Prime Suspect, Royal Pains and Supergirl. In 2016 Caulfield played the Blind Witch in the last season of Once Upon A Time, the following year she had appeared as Tracey Otto on Fear The Walking Dead and has most recently appeared in an episode of the CBS All Access true crime drama series Interrogation.

Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn Summers)
After years of foreshadowing, Buffy's little sister Dawn was introduced at the start of the fifth season as part of a large in-story retcon. Michelle Trachtenberg then stayed with the series for the remaining 66 episodes. On the big screen, Trachtenberg appeared in 2004s Eurotrip and 2009s 17 Again. She's had recurring roles on the TV series' Six Feet Under, Mercy, Weeds and Gossip Girl. Trachtenberg's most recent on-screen work came in 2018s Facebook Watch series Human Kind Of where she voiced the main character of Judy Reilly.

David Boreanaz (Angel)
Headlining the spin-off series Angel, which ran for five seasons from 1999 to 2004, David Boreanaz played the vampire-turned-private investigator before joining the FBI, in a sense, as Special Agent Seeley Booth on the popular procedural comedy-drama series Bones (2005–2017). After twelve successful seasons, Boreanaz turned to the military and currently plays the lead character of Jason Hayes in the CBS drama series SEAL Team.

Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers)
Playing Buffy's mother in 58 episodes of the series, after leaving Buffy Kristine Sutherland attended a photography course at the Santa Monica College and subsequently set up a studio specializing in portraits. Sutherland's still made the occasional on-screen guest appearance, for instance in 2008 she appeared in the television miniseries Comanche Moon and had a guest role in an episode of New Amsterdam, and in 2010 guested on three episodes of One Life To Live. Sutherland can currently be seen in the recently released Before/During/After where she plays Pat Lonergan. 

Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase)
Appearing in 58 episodes of Buffy and 90 episodes of Angel, Charisma Carpenter also starred as Kyra in Charmed (2004), Kendall Casablancas in Veronica Mars (2005–2006), Rebecca Sewell in The Lying Game (2012–2013), and Lacy in the first two The Expendables films. In 2013 she hosted the Investigation Discovery channel series Surviving Evil and in the premiere episode was herself featured as a crime survivor, revisiting the horrific attack she and two friends suffered at the hands of violent serial rapist and police officer in 1991. Most recently Carpenter has guest starred in The CW TV series Pandora as Eve.

Amber Benson (Tara Maclay)
After leaving Buffy in 2002, Amber Benson has had quite the varied career. She directed, produced and starred in her own films Chance (2002) and Lovers, Liars & Lunatics (2006). She also co-directed the film Drones with fellow Buffy cast member Adam Busch, and starred as a waitress in the 2010 horror movie The Killing Jar. Her most recent work is in another horror, playing the lead character of Professor Samantha Rand in 2019s The Nightmare Gallery.

Seth Green (Oz)
One of the most successful actors both before and after Buffy, Seth Green also reprised his role of Daniel "Oz" Osbourne on an episode of Angel. Green is very well known for voicing Chris Griffin on Fox's Family Guy, and Jeff "Joker" Moreau in the Mass Effect video games. On top of that, Green is the co-creator, executive producer, and most frequent voice on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken and has also directed the Robot Chicken Star Wars and DC Comics specials.You would've likely seen Seth Green on the big screen in the Austin Powers film series, heard him voicing Howard The Duck in both Guardians Of The Galaxy films, and he can currently be seen as Patrick in the film aTypical Wednesday which was released in June this year.

And that's what happened to the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and what they are all up to today. Now, about that reboot...

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