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5 Must-Watch Law Dramas

If you are looking for entertainment, thrill, and excitement, a law drama is often jam-packed with these. Though they might not be the accurate representation of courtroom scenes, if you want something binge-worthy, these shows will not disappoint you.
1. Law and Order
There's only a rare chance that you haven't heard of Law and Order. It's one of the most popular TV shows built on the premise of the legal profession. The episodes will take you through the lives of police and district attorneys, who work relentlessly to bring social justice.

Although there are some aspects that have been dramatized for the sake of the series, as a TV show, it can truly captivate you. There are numerous versions of this series, and you can pick any of them for an entertaining watch.
2. How to Get Away with Murder
Perhaps the most thrilling of all legal dramas, How to Get Away with Murder, revolves around the life of an esteemed law professor and five students. A place in Annalise Keating's classroom and the legal clinic is very much coveted, and these students have to prove their competency to keep up with the demands. But if you think this show will inspire you to look up how to get into law school, the chances are very slim.

The series takes a quick turn with a murder. The rest of the plot is the events that led to the murder and how they use the law to get away with the murder - as you can guess from the title.
3. Suits
Suits start with a suspenseful premise that would almost never happen in real life. The series takes place in the offices of Pearson Hardman, a top legal firm in New York. The plot features the lives of a handful of lawyers, and support staff, with each episode featuring a new case.

However, what gives the show a unique appeal is the fact that one of the main characters does not hold a law degree but yet is hired to work as a lawyer. In the events that follow, his colleagues find themselves committing ethical violations to hide this secret.
4. The Good Wife
Although the Good Wife can be categorized as a legal drama, there is little reality in the law side of the series. The story starts with the female lead, Alicia Florrick. Rejoining the legal profession after a long break in a career and her husband's confession about the marital affair.

The show is not only about lawyers, but family drama, politics, and several other elements.
5. JAG
Take a break from corporate law and find out how things run in the armed forces with JAG. Perhaps, there is a lot more accuracy in this series compared to the other ones - yet it still fails to hit all the points of the legal world.

However, JAG can offer you a completely different perspective into the life of lawyers, especially when they are to abide by the boundaries and strict codes of the military.

This is, in no way, a full list of all the law dramas you can watch. But they are a good place to start and maybe the most entertaining of all. But when you do - keep in mind that the plots are only for the purpose of entertainment.

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