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TV Shows and Movie Hits that would be a Great Theme for an Online Slot Game

Did you know that slots are one of the most played casino game worldwide? Players love slots as they are easy to play, fun, and some come with vast jackpots (progressive jackpot slots). As players keep demanding fresh betting experiences, developers are always on their toes to make better games to meet the demand.

Although slots started as fruit machines, they have evolved. Nowadays, you will find all sorts of themes, including oriental, ancient Egypt, horror, and movie slots, among many others. In this article, you will learn about the last theme. Although there are already numerous exceptional movie-themed online slot games, there are some other top TV shows we believe could make it to online casinos as popular online slots if given the chance. Here is a review of such.
Superhero-themed slots are increasing in popularity ever since the first one was created. Its reception among bettors made more developers take up the challenge and create more superhero-themed titles. One such title that would become a hit is Smallville.

Smallville is a superhero TV series that is an interpretation of the Superman story. Superman is loved by many people both young and old. In this series, Clark Kent is coming to terms with being a superhuman. He has to conceal his powers from everyone, including Lana Lang, the girl of his dreams.

If Smallville was to be turned into a slot game, players would love to protect Clark by collecting all the kryptonite, which is harmful to him. It would be a battle between Clark and his nemesis, Lex Luthor. Also, Superman would be saving people secretly as he does in the series. The storyline is so rich for an amazing slot title. You can expect to hear the series theme song as the background track, which adds to the excitement.

The Flash
The Flash is considered the best superhero show on television for numerous reasons. Imagine being the fastest man on earth! That is what such a slot title would make you, which is an exhilarating experience for any player. You would be running to save people from met humans, most of whom are villains. Among the many symbols, the slot would have is Gorilla Grodd.

The slot could come with progressive jackpots up for grabs. Every time you put a bad guy behind bars, you win a certain amount. However, you would have to catch them first, which is not always easy as these villains keep getting worse.

The storyline follows a girl from Krypton, Kara Zor-El, who is sent to protect her cousin after her planet is destroyed. However, there is a lift in space and time, which sends her off course, and she ends up on earth after 24 years. Her cousin has already grown up to become Superman and he is already established in Metropolis city.

Players would love playing the role of Supergirl, where they have numerous powers, including being able to fly, super strength, and super speed, among other powers. They would have to save people secretly while avoiding Kryptonite which is harmful to them.

Voice of Ultron
The movie follows one of the most fascinating storylines. Together with Bruce Banner, Tony Stark has built an artificial intelligence system and named it Ultron. However, the sentient Ultron hatches plans of wiping out the entire human race, and the Avengers are tasked with stopping him.

If this was turned into a slot game, players would be playing the heroes trying to stop Ultron from destroying the human race. It would be the task of stopping a computer-generated apocalypse. This would be an ideal game for all thrill-seekers. You would expect the Loki’s scepter as one of the symbols.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
If you have watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, you must agree that it is a wonderful series that deserves to be on online casinos as a slot game. Players would love going on missions to uncover secrets and tracking down superhumans. The game should also come with several jackpots to improve the players’ chances of winning.

If you love watching superhero TV shows and movies, it is always a pleasure to indulge your passion in other ways. Playing a superhero-themed slot is one such way that people enjoy doing as it allows them to interact with their favorite movie characters virtually. Although there are already many movie-themed slots, it would be amazing if developers delivered more. They can start with the above-reviewed TV shows, which many people resonate with.

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