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Throwing a Memorable Geek Wedding

Even in the year 2020, considered one of the toughest years for the wedding industry, the latter generated around $55.1 billion dollars, with many couples keen to forge ahead with more intimate yet romantic weddings. Themed weddings - including geek-style events - are bigger than ever, since personalization is one of the sector’s hottest trends. Couples are keen to express their interests through everything from their choice of décor to their playlist so if you have geeky interests, don’t leave them out of your Big Day. Read on for inspiration on how to throw the geeky wedding you have always dreamed of.

A Geeky Bridal Party
The average wedding in the U.S. has five bridesmaids, reports The Knot, and couples typically choose the same number of groomsmen. The wedding party is the perfect means through which to pursue your geeky obsession - whether the latter involves Star Wars, your favorite computer game, or Pokémon (or another comic or cartoon series). Imagine your groomsmen donning stormtrooper outfits instead of traditional suits while the couple getting married wears all-white to fit the mood. Of course, you can go all out and dress up as Aragorn and Arwen (and have your celebrant dress as Gandalf), Princess Leah and Han Solo, or Kellie and Yorkie from Black Mirror’s San Junipero, but even if you opt for traditional outfits, your wedding party can help set the tone for the rest of your event.

Have Fun with the Wedding Photos
Wedding photos are the place where you can be the most creative, taking both traditional and geek-inspired photos your guests (and those who were unable to attend) will love contemplating post-event. If your theme is Star Wars, for instance, you can use laser weapons, themed backgrounds, and of course, special effects and PhotoShop to up the fun factor. Current weddings incorporate social media into their very essence, so you can start getting creative before the wedding with themed photoshoots. Share the best shots obtained on your online wedding invitations, updates, and wedding website. Use wedding apps and typical social pages like Facebook to set up groups and events to keep guests intrigued by your theme. Finally, use filters to obtain the desired effect for your best photos and start a dedicated hashtag so guests and friends can easily find you on different social pages.

Geeky Décor and Food Choices
Your wedding reception is the place where you can really let your geek obsession shine through. From fun themed table décor right through to lighting, music, and table set-ups, there are many ways that you can encourage your guests to feel like they are in your chosen geek universe. If Alice in Wonderland sets your heart on fire, for instance, then flowers, curious tea sets, and clocks can make guests feel like they have fallen down a rabbit hole, as can traditional layered cakes of all sizes. If you are into the Little Mermaid, then shell and starfish décor, nets, and mermaid-inspired cakes, cupcakes, and macaroons (in the colors of the sea) will add a bit of seaside flare. The first few songs played at your reception can additionally set the tone. You can also intersperse modern hits with music that harks to your chosen theme.

Personalized weddings are all the rage, which is great news for those who like to express their creativity on their Big Day. Who said bridesmaids had to wear dresses they would never actually wear in their normal lives and since when did all weddings have to look the same? Make your day special, fun, and creative by including the themes that authentically inspire you from your daily life, starting out with attire and proceeding to décor, food, and music.

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