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Features Of The Best Gaming Laptop

Purchasing a laptop can be a big decision. For a gamer the need for a portable device to carry the games in and play remotely will always be there. The problem however is selecting the best option to go for when shopping. If you are a gamer looking to buy the best gaming laptop there are some features you would really need to look for if you intend to get a product that will serve you right.

The size of the display can have significant effects on your gaming experience. However there are more factors to consider other than the screen size alone, if you want to get the best gaming laptop.
  • Resolution: Higher resolution means more pixels appearing on your screen. The images will be clearer. Newer laptops feature 1440p or 4K screens instead of the ordinary 1080p. This offers a better gaming experience but the cost of powering games at this resolution is very high.
  • Rate Of Refresh: The action on the screen will appear smoother and easier to follow if the refresh rate is higher. It redraws the images more times per second to achieve this. The most common refresh rate for gaming laptops is 120Hz and 144Hz.
  • Screen size: Display and form factor vary from laptop to laptop. The most common are the 13, 15, and 17 inch screen sizes.
You can opt to connect your laptop to an external monitor. This allows you to enjoy a portable laptop gaming experience and at the same time having a 4K resolution screen experience.

The central processing unit is the brain of the laptop. It sends signals to all other components of the system and processes all instructions sent by the software in the pc. The choice of CPU can have effects on everything you use the laptop to do. Core count and count speed are the most cited CPU specifications. Many other attributes are involved but knowing the basics will do you good.
  • Clock Speed: A CPU with a higher clock speed will be faster.
  • Core Count: A CPU with several cores can easily multitask with each core working independently to accomplish more.
Higher clock speeds and core counts are essential if the gaming laptop will be used for live streaming game play. Capture software requires a lot of processing power to encode a video.

The graphics processing units, the images that appear on the screen during gaming are enabled by this feature. A capable CPU and GPU are essential if you plan to game in 1440p or 4K. A 4K game resolution will push four times the number of pixels a normal 1080 would.
  • Frame Rate And Resolution: Ensuring your laptop’s GPU and CPU can reach consistent frame rates and at the same time render the proper resolution of your screen or external display.
  • Display Refresh Rate: If you have a 144Hz screen you will need a GPU that can achieve 144FPS in order to enjoy the full benefits of higher refresh rate.
If you wish to get yourself a gaming laptop, you are making a good investment if you buy the right product. Above is a list of features that could act as your guide to getting the best gaming laptop. Ensure the recommended features are in the product you take home.

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