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Best Modern Sports TV Shows

It’s safe to say that sports are an important part of life. Whether you are playing or watching, there’s a good chance you’ve had your life affected by sports in one way or another. Sports have a major impact on people in every corner of the globe. It’s a way to make friends, something to anticipate, and one of the best hobbies anyone can have.

It’s not surprising that with the popularity of sport, that there have been a few TV shows made around the genre. Live games are great. You can feel the passion, back your favourite on the Unibet site, and watch on in anticipation. That doesn't mean that fiction in sports isn’t entertaining, too. This is why sports TV shows have become so popular in modern times. With that being said, here are some of the best modern sports TV shows.

Cobra Kai
Karate Kid’s release in the 1980s really drew a lot of attention to the sport. The now iconic film is one of the best sports films ever made. It also serves as one of the defining movies of its decade. Rebooting the franchise in the form of a TV show did have its risks. However, great performances from original stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka really made the show a success. They excellently portray more mature, but flawed, versions of their original characters. Cobra Kai is high paced and exciting, just like it’s original movie series.

The show helps boost the already existing popularity of karate. It does an excellent job of showing both the excitement and discipline involved in the sport. Without a doubt, the series is sure to get plenty of people involved with the martial art.
The Ultimate Fighter
Sticking with martial arts, the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter may be one of the best reality TV shows made. The show is now in its 29th season, with fight fans still engaged with the fresh talent on display every season. UFC president Dana White will pick two of his most prolific fighters and test their coaching skills. Each will be assigned a team whom they must train to defeat the opposition. The show allows fresh talent to make a name for themselves in MMA, with the outright winner earning themselves a UFC contract. Most of the time, the two coaches will then face each other in the octagon following the conclusion of the show. This provides a great build up to the upcoming bout, with tensions usually high between the coaches.
Sunderland Till I Die
So much goes on behind the scenes of a football club. Financial issues, training, player management, they are all really interesting elements of football that fans just don’t get to see. That was until the release of Sunderland Till I Die. The series shows the ongoings of Sunderland football club. The series is praised for its raw feel, showing the ups and downs of running one of England’s most historic clubs. For any football fan, Sunderland Till I Die is a must-watch.

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