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AlloAmericana: Myths and legends from other Americas

Are you looking for some new quality Kindle content to purchase with that Amazon gift card you received for Christmas? Do you enjoy tales of alternate history and "what if?" scenarios? Or do you just fancy treating yourself after being so generous to others this Holiday season? If so, we have tidings of good news to brighten that post-Christmas & pre-New Year lull.

Newly released from Sea Lion Press and available to purchase via Amazon, AlloAmericana: Myths and legends from other Americas is edited by our very own Alexander Wallace.  Alexander also pens one of the stories featured within the anthology, as does another of our WarpedFactor team, Matthew Kresal (recent winner of the 2020 Sidewise Award for Alternate History, Short Fiction category)
The United States is, relatively speaking, a new country; the colonies from which it sprung were settled by Europeans in the seventeenth century, and it gained independence only in the late eighteenth century. Despite this relative youth, the country has been host to a rich tradition of folklore and tall tales. This begs the question: if the country's fate had turned out differently, what would have this storytelling tradition have looked like? What stories would be told in these other Americas?
Stories included:
  • Coyote and the Great Sturgeon by Sam McDonald
  • Honest and Loyal by Alexander Wallace
  • Bedrieger William by Charlton Cussans
  • Prometheus, in a Jar by Brent A. Harris
  • Dawn of the Sun by Fabrice Guerrier
  • Hear that Cold Steel Ring by Josiah Depaoli
  • Bunyan’s Progress by Jared Kavanagh
  • The Yellow Coward of Texas by Al Carroll
  • El Transportador by Jason Sharp
  • A Proclamation of Our Manifest Destiny in the Philippine Islands by Ferdison Cayetano
  • A Time for Treason by Matthew Kresal
Get your copy of AlloAmericana: Myths and legends from other Americas here.

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