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Top 10 must-watch motivational movies for students

Today's selection of motivational movies for students will help you overcome the challenges at school. Academic life can be both thrilling and challenging. To be successful in your courses, you need to focus, persevere, and have the determination to succeed.

We've collected the top movies you can watch when your academic drive is at its lowest point. These films will help you get back on track and motivate you to achieve your academic goals. Nevertheless, many students face many obstacles to get marks they dream of so they do not hesitate to buy a college paper for example.

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1. With Honors

This movie is about living an easy, yet meaningful and fulfilling life. This movie will help you see that there's more to life than getting good grades.

This movie shows an ambitious graduate student about to finish his thesis when he meets a homeless man who lives in the boiler room of one campus building. The homeless man discovers the thesis after the student has lost it.

They agree to make a deal whereby the homeless man will give one page of his thesis in exchange for any favors the graduate student does.

The student and his friends will learn valuable lessons along the way that will ensure that they graduate with honors.

2. The Theory of Everything

The 2014 film is based upon the life of Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist.

Hawking is considered one of the most important physicists in our time because of his discovery of black hole and other significant contributions to physics, quantum mechanics and mathematics.

He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in the 1960s. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Hawking kept working despite his incurable and degenerative illness. He actually made some of his greatest contributions to society after his illness.

The film was widely praised for its accurate depiction of the scientist's daily life. The film won numerous prestigious awards including Outstanding British Film, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Leading Actor at the 2015 British Academy Film Awards.

This film shows how passion can triumph over all the challenges we face in life.

3. Freedom Writers

Based on Erin Gruwell's Woodrow Wilson High School writing class in Long Beach, CA, this movie is inspired by The Freedom Writers Diary.

This film encourages viewers to believe they can be heroes. It's a powerful reminder that we all can make the world a better place by our small efforts.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie will give you the courage to face whatever life throws at you.

It is the story of a father who has seen his life fall apart before his eyes. He doesn't give in. He perseveres and wins until the end.

Based on Chris Gardner's life, the movie is set in America. Gardner, a father of Christopher Jr., was homeless in the 1980s.

Gardner was able to build a solid foundation for his professional endeavors despite all the difficulties.

This movie is a powerful reminder to us that we should chase what makes us happy. While this may be different for everyone, the pursuit of your dreams is just as important as achieving your goal.

5. Dead Poets Society

Do you ever feel like you are living a life that someone else created? Here's a movie to help you realize your potential.

This is the story about boarding school students, who are expected to follow a certain path by their parents and faculty.

One teacher, however, challenges that notion and encourages students to create their own lives and not rely on others' expectations.

6. The Blind Side

The screenplay was inspired by Michael Oher, an ex-NFL player.

The film shows Oher's struggle as he moves from foster home to foster home. He eventually meets the Tuohy family and is allowed to live with them. He becomes an integral part of the Tuohy family. Oher quickly blossoms with the new opportunities that are available to him.

This movie is about hard work, inclusion, and the importance of family.

7. October Sky

This touching story is based upon true events that took place in the lives of young men in Coalwood West Virginia.

After being inspired by Sputnik 1's launch, they dreamed about launching their own rocket. To achieve their goal, they had to overcome logistical and personal obstacles.

This movie is a powerful reminder to believe in yourself and to dream big.

8. Legally Blonde

If you are feeling defeated by self-doubt, this iconic film from 2000s will give you some inspiration.

These are some key points from Legally Blonde to give you the inspiration you need to believe that you can do anything:

  • Have faith in yourself.

  • Don't let people bring you down.

  • Do not judge someone by their appearance.

  • If you put your mind to it, and work hard enough, you can achieve what you desire.

9. The Karate Kid

This classic 1980s film shares many lessons that you can use in every situation, including school.

Here are some key messages from the film that inspired many young people who want to learn martial arts:

  • The key to success is hard work.

  • Cheating is not a way to get anywhere.

  • Don't give up on your dreams.

  • Balance is the key to all that you do.

10. Rocky

Because of the many life lessons that resonate with all who watch the Rocky films, the Rocky series has endured.

Rocky Balboa shows us that winning doesn't always mean success. He encourages viewers not to judge others but to find the best in everyone. For instance, many students are struggling when they do not get some of the topics so they turn to online writing and tutoring service but it does not mean they will never succeed. It just will take more time for them to do their best.

He also taught us to never give up, even when life throws us off our feet. Even if we lose, it is possible to take comfort in knowing we did our best under the circumstances.

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