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3 Must-Play Retro Slots That Are Based on Video Games

In gaming, you will find plenty of guest appearances across the board, cross-exposing the brand to different audiences. This way, everyone benefits; the companies promote their products to people who are likely to be interested in them, and the consumers get to see their favorite characters appear in another gaming title.

Today, we will be reviewing 3 such examples:

- Conan Video Slot
- Space Invaders Slot
- Street Fighter 2 Slot

These slot games are all based on popular gaming titles, and you can check them out at Caesars. There is even a Caesars casino bonus code for new players that allows you to take advantage of numerous promotions, such as free spins.

Without any further ado, let’s get on with the reviews:

Conan Video Slot

Our beloved sword-wielding hero had had a cult following ever since 1982, when the fantasy adventure movie was released, making an appearance in numerous video games yearly. This time, it’s in a video slot developed by NetEnt.

The 6-reel layout features 24 pay lines that incorporate the famous Pay-Both-Ways mechanic, and there is a bonus event that you can trigger within the game. You can keep it low-risk by playing at the €0.20 micro level, or you can let your barbarian go berserk by playing at €200, where every round hits like a truck.

The game’s visual aspect is very detail-oriented, as is evident from its stunning graphics – you’ll be amazed at how authentic everything feels when Conan passes through an ancient temple or how real the snow-clad villages feel. The modern-looking interface fits the theme quite well.

Overall, Conan Video Slot feels (and plays) like an ambitious project, which explains why it took so long to release it. The series fans are bound to fall in love with it at the snap of a finger.

Space Invaders Slot

There’s no trip to the arcade without playing at least one round of Space Invaders, an all-time retro shoot-em-up classic. If the thought of reliving these memories makes you warm and fuzzy inside, you’ll love playing it in the form of a slot machine.

The original gameplay revolves around having to commandeer your spaceship and shooting digital bullets at incoming waves of space invaders that gradually keep approaching from the top of the screen. The slot machine pays homage to retro 8-bit graphics, so you can expect to be taken back to the golden days of the arcade machines.

Inside, you will be greeted by a 5-reel, 3-row grid with 20 pay lines. To increase your chances of forming a winning combination, be on the lookout for wild symbols that may land on the reels, which can act in place of any other character in the game.

You may also encounter other random events, such as a giant cannon appearing that wipes the floor with incoming invaders, and also other bonus events, such as Shoot Out, UFO Climber, and Wild Cannon Free Spins.

This is a no-brainer if you’re keen on experiencing some classic 8-bit retro goodness.

Street Fighter II Slot

Although Street Fighter II is now roughly 30 years old (the original arcade release dates back to 1991), it’s still played in tournaments to this very day, effectively making it the gaming equivalent of chess.

As massive fan service, the license was given to NetEnt to do the series justice in the form of a dedicated slot game that features all the iconic characters like Ryu, Ken, Zangief, and others. This means that not only do you get to choose the stakes at the beginning of a round, but also the character you’ll be playing as.

The 5x5 grid format takes you to the heat of the battle, where you can bet anything from 20 cents to €700. Like in the original fighting game, the round is over when one fighter runs out of health. To defeat your opponent, you must form a winning combination of symbols (you’ll land a hit on the opponent when you do).

If you remember the iconic Car Smash bonus game from the original, you’ll be pleased to know it makes a return in this release. For those who want to get super technical, did you know that the game’s volatility depends on the fighter you pick? Not only that – each of the 8 fighters uniquely affects the gameplay. Dhalsim, for example, randomly places 3-4 wilds on the grid.

Once you see the iconic “hadoken,” you’ll never want to stop playing.

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