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10 Things You Might Not Know About A QUIET PLACE

In the realm of modern horror, few films have managed to elicit such nerve-wracking suspense and terror as "A Quiet Place." The 2018 release not only shook the foundations of the genre but also proved the versatility of actor-turned-director John Krasinski. This post-apocalyptic thriller, co-starring real-life spouse Emily Blunt, instantly became a favorite among fans and critics alike. Here are ten fascinating facts that you may not know about this haunting masterpiece.

1. An Original Story

"A Quiet Place" was not based on a pre-existing story, a rarity in the Hollywood landscape dominated by sequels, reboots, and adaptations. Writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck crafted the premise — a world where silence is survival — drawing inspiration from their shared childhood love for silent films and the works of suspense maestro Alfred Hitchcock. The initial idea was so unique and potent that it quickly drew the attention of production company Platinum Dunes and Paramount Pictures.

2. Emily Blunt's Involvement

Although Emily Blunt was not the first choice for the lead role, once she read the script, she felt a profound connection with the story. Despite initially suggesting other actresses to her husband, she eventually expressed a strong desire to play the character of Evelyn herself, adding an incredible layer of chemistry and authenticity to the film.

3. The Power of Sound

Sound—or the lack thereof—is a character in itself in "A Quiet Place." To ensure audiences were fully immersed in the unique auditory landscape, sound designers Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn were tasked with creating a soundscape that became an intrinsic part of the narrative. The meticulousness extended to virtually silent on-set shooting conditions, with crew members even communicating via sign language.

4. Learning Sign Language

Sign language plays a crucial role in the film, used by the on-screen family to communicate while avoiding deadly creatures hunting by sound. All the actors, including young stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, had to learn sign language, guided by Simmonds, who is deaf in real life. This commitment to realism enhanced the film’s sense of authenticity.

5. A Box Office Triumph

"A Quiet Place" was a commercial success, grossing $340 million worldwide against a modest budget of $17 million. Its exceptional performance at the box office reinforced the viability of original concepts in an industry often criticized for its lack of creativity.

6. John Krasinski’s Dual Role

John Krasinski, who is primarily known for his comedic role as Jim Halpert in the US version of "The Office," not only played the lead role but also directed the film. Initially brought on board as a re-writer and director, he persuaded the producers to let him star opposite his wife, Emily Blunt.

7. ILM’s Involvement

To bring the sound-sensitive creatures to life, the producers turned to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the visual effects company founded by George Lucas. These creatures, with their echolocation abilities and horrifically exposed auditory canals, were designed to embody the film's central theme of sound, adding a new dimension to the narrative.

8. An Environmental Message

Beyond the horror and suspense, "A Quiet Place" subtly explores environmental themes. The very premise of humanity's survival depending on silence can be seen as a commentary on our noisy, pollution-ridden modern society. The film serves as a haunting metaphor for our times, promoting respect for the environment.

9. A Sequel and Extended Universe

The success of "A Quiet Place" led to a 2020 sequel, "A Quiet Place Part II," directed by Krasinski and starring Blunt, Simmonds, and Jupe, along with new characters. There's also a spin-off movie in development, turning "A Quiet Place" into an expanding cinematic universe.

10. Award Recognition

For its exemplary narrative and technical accomplishments, "A Quiet Place" was recognized at the 91st Academy Awards, with a nomination for Best Sound Editing. This nod from the industry's most prestigious platform further solidified the film's legacy.

In the annals of modern horror, "A Quiet Place" stands as a testament to originality, ingenuity, and the potential of silence to terrify. It showcased how innovation, when backed by stellar performances and meticulous craftsmanship, could not only excite audiences but also make a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape. Above all, it proved that sometimes, silence is indeed golden.

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