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How to Stream Movies on Kodi in 8 Easy Steps?

What is Kodi? Developed by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi is a free and open-source media player. It allows you to stream movies from various sources and play local movies on your device. Kodi supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Additionally, it offers a TV feature that lets you watch certain TV broadcasts.

Kodi is an excellent media player that enables users to stream videos, movies, music, and podcasts from the Internet. Wondering how to watch movies on Kodi? This post will guide you through the process and introduce some useful Kodi movie add-ons.

How to stream movies on Kodi?

You must remember that you can only stream movies on Kodi for free if they are available in your region. Let's think further, how to stream movies on Kodi if they are not available in your country? It's simple, you need to use VeePN or another powerful VPN. This service has a free trial version, so we do not risk anything. How to watch movies on Kodi:

  1. Open Kodi by clicking or tapping on the blue diamond-shaped icon with a "K" in the middle.

  2. Access Add-ons and install them from the repository by clicking or tapping on the third button at the top of the page, which is represented by an arrow below a cloud.

  3. Select Video add-ons from the "Kodi Add-on repository" screen to view a list of video repositories.

  4. Choose a repository associated with a channel, network, or streaming service known for having a wide selection of movies.

  5. Install the selected repository by clicking or tapping on the last icon at the bottom of the screen, depicted as an arrow below a cloud. Confirm the installation by clicking or tapping on "Ok"

  6. Use the back button to return to the main menu of Kodi. Keep tapping the back button until you reach the main menu.

  7. Access Add-ons again by clicking or tapping on the sidebar icon next to the box-shaped icon. Browse and select an add-on from the installed repositories in the Add-ons menu.

  8. Navigate through categories and folders to find a desired movie selection. Click or tap on a movie to start streaming it.

Please note that some add-ons may require you to log in, and it's important to be aware of any copyright restrictions or terms of service that may apply to viewing certain content.

Best addons for watching films on Kodi online

Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers an extensive collection of more than 50,000 movies and TV titles across various genres. However, its content is geographically locked, making it inaccessible in Europe at the moment.


You can enjoy watching Hollywood movies, TV shows, and originals for free on Crackle. However, this streaming service is limited to only 21 countries. To access Crackle's content, you'll need to install a VPN on your device.


PopcornFlix offers a wide selection of TV shows and movies that you can stream for free. You can easily download and install this streaming service on Kodi without any cost.

Classic Cinema

Classic Cinema is a treasure trove for enthusiasts of classic films. This add-on provides a wide range of movie billboards, TV shows, and silent films. All Kodi users can enjoy this free-to-use feature. However, if they are not available to you, click here and install a VPN. The same applies to all add-ons.


Don't miss Snagfilms, an ad-supported website that showcases over 5,000 independent films and documentaries. If you enjoy watching indie films, this platform is for you.


One of the top Kodi addons for watching movies and TV shows is Shadow. It provides a vast collection of content that is compatible with various Kodi devices such as FireStick, Mobiles, and PCs.

Shadow is exclusively designed for Real-Debrid, ensuring high-quality streaming links. The addon supports Trakt and offers convenient one-click play functionality.


The diverse content provided by the Patriot Kodi addon includes movies, shows, anime, music, and more. You can download this add-on from the well-known Narcacist repository, which hosts popular add ons such as Asgard and Odin. Patriot supports Real Debrid and offers one-click playback. Additionally, you have the option to integrate your Trakt account to synchronize your viewing history.


Elementum is a video addon that employs BitTorrent technology for streaming movies and TV shows. Unlike typical video Kodi addons, Elementum does not directly stream video content from host websites. Instead, it relies on the "providers" - the lightweight addons that locate and gather BitTorrent links of the desired videos for viewing. This addon allows you to stream your favorite movies or shows instantly, or you have the option to download them for offline viewing.


Kodi is a universal app for watching movies and TV shows, but it does require some customization. Without addons you won't see anything. By default, the application is empty, you can assemble it as you see fit.

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