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7 Things we'd like to see in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Filming on the new Star Wars movie is almost underway, this means that very soon we will have some actual facts about what characters/actors are definitely returning. There's been some story speculation finding it's way onto the interweb, but right now it's all just fan conjecture.

Unless you've been living with the Taliban for the last year or so, you'll know that the Episode VII is being directed by JJ Abrams, he's re-worked the Michael Arndt script with the assistance of Lawrence Kasdan, and it's due for release on 18th December 2015.

Apparently, they've got their big bad in the form of Adam Driver, and both Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman are being lined up for supporting parts. But not much else is definite so far, so we've compiled a list of 7 things that we'd like to see in Star Wars Episode VII...

1. A Quality Leading Actor
It's believed that the story will include the children of Han and Leia, and possibly Luke, so with a trilogy lined up, whoever they choose for these roles will have a lot of film to carry. With the greatest respect to Hayden Christensen, his performance as Anakin Skywalker left a lot to be desired. We're not saying they have to cast Matt Smith, although there have been various rumours that he has auditioned for a potential role, just as long as they do cast an actor capable of delivering.

We'd all have no problem if ex-Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights actor, Jesse Plemons does join the Skywalker family. Plus we're hearing that Topher Grace is lined up for a sizable role, we'd be happy with that. We'd also be quite happy if any additional leading actors are not related to Will Smith!

2. Returning Characters
It's long been assumed that we will see Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels, but still no actual confirmation has arrived.

There have been stories of late that Carrie Fisher has had some 'personal issues', plus a recent London casting call was for actresses to play a 'Young Leia'. This has us worried, we're hoping that they aren't planning on killing Leia off in the years before this movie is set, and that we only see her in flashbacks. The sooner we get confirmation on the returning cast, the better.

Plus we'd also like to see Billy Dee Williams back as Lando, the return of Boba Fett (he's not dead, you know he's not) and even though a recent image teased the possibility of a CGI Alec Guinness, maybe the force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi should appear in the form of Ewan McGregor. For me he was the highlight of the prequels, and I'd love to see him back as the character.

3. More Jedi
If the story is set about 30 years after the events of Return Of The Jedi then we hope that Luke has been busy training up some Younglings and possibly even searching down other Jedi that have been in hiding (hello Samuel L. Jackson), which leads nicely into...

4. Jeff Goldblum
Quite a long shot this one but it is a fact that there is not a single movie that couldn't be made more awesome by the inclusion of Jeff Goldblum. Look at him, he literally exudes wise old mysterious Jedi. We'd also accept him in a darker Sith role. He's not coming back for Jurassic World, so JJ, do the right thing. Just for me. Please!

5. A Loveable Rogue
Episode VII is rumoured to be putting the returning actors front and centre and introducing the cast that will carry the following two movies, so this suggestion is a bit more long term. They need to introduce a new loveable rogue.

Han Solo is probably the greatest supporting character of all time. When we'd play 'Star Wars' at school in the playground, there would be arguments about who got to be Han. More kids wanted to be him than Luke! (Poor overweight Richard Hopper was always Jabba The Hutt, kids can be so cruel!) But we can't see kids today wanting to be 75 year old Han quite so much, and that is why they need a new younger 'Han' figure who can be that role model. Sod the P.C. malarkey and give the us someone as awesome as Han, a loveable rogue who men (boys) want to be and women want to be with.

6. Darth Vader
Someone close to our heroes needs to fall from grace, someone needs to turn to the dark side, someone needs to find the helmet, someone needs to be voiced by James Earl Jones. Really. The image of Darth Vader has to be included somewhere. We don't care how they do it, they just have to do it. Even if he appeared as some kind of Sith ghost, which kinda wouldn't make sense because he redeemed himself at the end, BUT he needs to be included because it just wouldn't be Star Wars without Vader. If you want proof then look at The Prequels. 'Nuff said.

7. One Version
Finally we really hope that the version of Episode VII that we see at the cinema in 2015 is finished, complete and does not need additional tinkering or added scenes for countless future Blu-ray releases. We don't mind deleted scenes or outtakes tacked onto the home video release, actually we welcome them. But we really don't want our kids having to experience the Special Editions in the same way we did. The original Star Wars was a perfect timeless story and didn't need changing. Han did shoot first and we liked it that way.

What are your hopes for Star Wars: Episode VII?

Star Wars Episode VII is currently due to be released December 18th 2015

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