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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - D is for Dean

In her A to Z of Supernatural, Elle Schwartz reaches the letter D. No prizes for guessing who it is!

Yes there are demons and deaths galore on Supernatural, but really there is no way that D could be for anything other than Dean Winchester.

With many of the other characters in this A to Z I have tried to deliver a potted history of their story, but as Dean is such a central role that would be impossible to achieve within the word count. Instead I will offer a few reasons why Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles, is my favourite Supernatural character.

Dean is brave, a little fool hearty, kind, funny and a loyal big brother, although sometimes I feel he loves the Impala more than Sam. He is a big fan of classic rock music, and often uses aliases of famous rock musicians which raises a smile on my face every time. The love of classic rock was played up to the full in the season 4 episode Yellow Fever. This still remains one of my favourite clips, even though it wasn't technically part of the show.

Dean's humour can be crude but he gets away with it thanks to his good looks and charm. He's rarely in a relationship that lasts more than one night, and seems to spend more time with Busty Asian Beauties (the magazine).

Dean will protect his 'family' at all costs, that doesn't just include Sam but also those that he holds dear including Bobby, Castiel, Kevin and Charlie to name but four. He values their lives high above his own and even sacrificed his soul and suffered in hell to resuscitate his brother.

He seems to live on a diet of cheeseburgers and pie but somehow stays in excellent physical shape, that part of him I envy!!!

Although Dean can sometimes act dumb, he is extremely intelligent, and a very competent hunter. He'll often kill something evil without question or remorse, but is quick to blame himself whenever something goes wrong, even if it wasn't his fault.

Over the years he has developed a deep self loathing, this has got much worse in season 9. Dean allowed Gadreel into Sam's body, so he blames himself for Kevin Tran's death. Dean now feels that Sam and Castiel would be better off without him, however I hasten to disagree, and can't imagine the show without him.

Next time E is for ?

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