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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: July 19th to July 25th

So many days, so little Who...

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July 22nd
Poor Bonnie Langford, she can no longer take the Who drought going in throughout July, and this day being her birthday and all that! Still there's always the third episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day for her to enjoy. Titled Dead of Night, it was broadcast in 2011 and watched by 5.49 million viewers. Bonnie had them all round afterwards for a nice glass of carrot juice!

July 24th
Back in 1965 a young Jeremy Beadle was already pranking the public. Whilst the Monk went off to say his prayers, Jeremy shrunk his TARDIS with hilarious results - what's a renegade Time Lord to do, eh? The whole thing was caught on camera, and inserted into the narrative of episode 4 of The Time Meddler. Possibly.

Checkmate was the individual title, and it closed out the second season of Doctor Who, with 8.3 million viewers now not knowing what to do with their Saturdays for the next two months.

July 25th
The penultimate instalment of The Sensorites (titled Kidnap) was broadcast on this day in 1964, and watched by 6.9 million viewers, bringing this weeks televisual episode of Doctor Who to a grand total of two!

However, if we look back 30 years to this day we find an oft forgotten adventure of his received it's debut airing. Slipback, a BBC Radio 4 audio play, was recorded to fill the 18 month hiatus between seasons 22 and 23, and the first two 10 minute instalments were broadcast on this day as part of the children's magazine show Pirate Radio Four.

That's it for this week, I almost want to apologise for the lack of Who on offer here, but if you think things can't get scarcer then...well...we'll see you next Sunday...

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