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Titan Comics: SCARLETT COUTURE #4 Review

The curtain falls, for now, on the Chase Couture 2015 collection...

As Project Stardust draws to a close I'm realising I've not done the series justice.

If you've read any of my reviews of issues #1 to #3 of Scarlett Couture then you'll know that, quite rightly, I've praised Des Taylor's creation to the skies; "my favourite new comic book of 2015", "an exceptionally fun, beautiful looking comic book", and "this comic should come with a health warning!". All of this is true, but I've realised that in every review I've also offered comparisons to the likes of Sydney Bristow from Alias, or said that Scarlett Carver is like a female James Bond/Jack Bauer.

I was wrong. She's none of those people. She's Scarlett Carver and she's the star of the most unique comic book series I have read in years.

Scarlett Couture has truly been a breath of fresh air. As well as being a brilliant action/adventure/espionage/mystery story, it's been a whole lot of fun - something which I often feel many comic book creators forget is an option. A story doesn't always have to be super serious to be a grown-up comic book, and comedy doesn't always have to come from toilet humour or Viz style shenanigans.

Of course, when it comes to a good comic book the story is just one part of the essential ingredients, and what really propels Scarlett Couture to greatness is Des Taylor's jaw-dropping artwork. He's unbelievably talented, in fact he may well be the most talented artist working in comic books today. I know that preference of artwork style is subjective but I fail to see how anyone couldn't be impressed with Taylor's work, it's stunning! I recommend you do yourself a favour and check out his Despop website too. His character designs frequently leave me speechless, and his backgrounds are like cells from an animated movie. I happen to know Taylor's currently working on ideas for a second Scarlett Couture series, which I hope comes to fruition as I have no doubt that right now he must be inundated with other work offers on the back of this release.

As for issue #4 itself, well it very nicely offers closure to one battle whilst making clear that the larger war is far from over. Like all good finale acts it's action packed, with guns, grenades and daring stunts, plus a 'killer' pair of heels and an enticing tease of what is to come.

The combined four issues of Project Stardust have delivered a truly unique comic book experience, one that just doesn't compare to anything else. It really is in a league of its own. That being said, I'm quite sure many people will be using Scarlett Couture as a benchmark for future comic book comparisons.

But those titles will be lucky if they are half as good as Scarlett Couture has been.

Scarlett Couture #4 is released on Wednesday July 29th. Check out some cool advance art previews here.

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