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Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs Zombies #3 Review

Gail gets zombiefied!

Running for their lives the girls make their way to the nearby Grab-E-Mart, the very one Roger stole the beer truck from in issue #1. The local supermarket is staffed and apparently patronised by the dumbest of the dumb. The sales assistants are very easily distracted by Brittany’s When Harry Met Sally moment. Meanwhile, Jaime is busy stocking up on supplies.

When they hear that the boys have the delivery man who bit Roger down in the basement, of course Jaime and Brittany want to rush down and see him. When they come back, they appear to be covered in red look - not so much blood as ketchup from the stores supplies.

Moral and technical issues abound when it comes to asking Paige to take up a gun and kill - her friends not zombies.

There are rescue girls, and obvious (off page) sex, resulting in cross-infection and interesting new take on zombification. Result - the brainless become even more brainless. But there are bigger worries as the mass of zombies begin an attack on Grab-E-Mart.

But the girls must survive - whatever the ride…

Anyway, the writing seems to the same standard as the previous issues but - holy cream crackers - what happened to the artwork? I really don’t like the new format of artwork in this issue. There just isn’t anything attractive to it as far as my taste goes. 

The story carries on logically, so you do need to read it to get the whole picture. However that artwork is so unattractive, that this one gets no more than a two out of five from me.

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