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Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs Zombies #5 Review

Gail Williams takes shelter in a haunted house...

The girls are on the run again, and this time they head to a house for safety. To quote Jaime it’s:
“Little House on Elm Street” outside,
to friggin’ “Wayne Manor” inside.
And it’s not unoccupied.

Suddenly our trio are surrounded by seven of their fellow students. This brings out a rather surprising race card, i.e. that white girls pose a distinct threat to any black girls that hang out with them as the black girls always die first. Hadn’t see that one myself, but hell, apparently the statistics stack up, at least they do according to Jaime and her encyclopedic knowledge of the horror genre. Though the truth proves painfully pretentious when Paige points out that one of the girls is her cousin and half white - the best part of this - it immediately precedes Kurtis Kasey turning up, chainsaw in hand, cutting one girl in half, thereby (apparently) proving the point.

After this they barricade themselves in, then (and I can’t explain this either) decide to go to bed without leaving anyone on guard. Hugh Hefner must have owned this house, the beds are wide enough for seven to sleep in. Then Brittany goes for a midnight stroll outside (plot chasm appears as one wonders how she does this when they are supposed to be barricaded in), and then all hell really starts up…

What this issue shows is that Jaime watches too many movies, Brittany gets and wants too much sex and Paige just plain thinks too much.

I love the front cover artwork of this issue, absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the artwork inside is very disappointing, and not just in comparison, it just isn’t very appealing.

The story is okay, enjoyable even, but a little too reliant on the Scream type “this is what happens in the movies” thread. It feels like the writers need to get a little bit more original, but who knows, this was only part one of the Haunted House story-line so maybe part two will prove me wrong and have something new to say.

I have to add, though, that this series is starting to slide down the enjoyment scale for me, but I’m still willing to keep suspending disbelief and carry on reading for a few issues yet.

Score this issue? Three out of five.

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Find out more about Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies on the Approbation Comics website.

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