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Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs Zombies #4 Review

Gail Williams catches up with the chaos.

Having got a completely sweet new set of wheels (well sweet if you love the odd monster truck or two), Jamie again has the pedal to the metal - so fast in fact that the girls are already on campus again as we join them. The first line is pretentious “They told us ahead of time that midterms would be murder…”.

Yeah well aside from the editor in me screaming how that line could have been more tightly written, this issue is a clear continuation of the same standard of writing that I have come to very much enjoy.

The girls are back on campus with keys to the buildings and high hopes of getting inside, being safe enough to print on the handbook for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse - a useful publication at this point, one thinks. As Paige fumbles with the keys, Jaime plays a blinder, knocking it out of the park with the zombie heads.

Not wanting to give too much away - I love what Brittany and Paige do to the Zombie Goth, J.K. is having some right royal moments, and Brittany just has to join in - of course there’s a sticky end for one of them. The biggest question left by the whole issue is a real big one - how on earth is Brittany staying inside her shirt?

After the mild disappointment of issue 3, this was a pleasure to read. The artwork is an improvement, not issue 1 and 2 standard, but equally good in a very different, slightly more anime, style. The cover art, though nothing like the artwork inside, is particularly good

Still recommend this series, a three out of five for number four, god have fun with the sorority girls.

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Find out more about Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies on the Approbation Comics website.

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