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Where to Get the Best Food in Vegas

Many people think that Vegas is all about casinos and forget that there are many non-gambling activities to ensure you have a blast. Vegas is rich with the finest cuisines from around the world, and you can even bring along kids and discover exotic flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Chinese Cuisine

One of the things that stands out about the Chinese way of life is great attention to detail. The Chinese have a palate for aromatic and flavorful dishes, and many people agree that their meals are nothing short of a work of art. So you can crown your Vegas visit by sampling savory Chinese delights from:

Wing Lei
Wing Lei is a Five-star restaurant in Wynn Resort, Vegas, and is the recipient of the coveted Michelin stars. Renown Chef Ming Yu serves Szechuan, Cantonese, and Shanghainese signature flavors. The authentic Peking duck is a must-try. Also, don't forget the Pacific spiny lobster and the lavish fried Maine lobster, prepared from a wok. If you are new to Chinese cuisine, the friendly staff are more than willing to help you choose a great meal.

China Mama
If you are looking for variety and friendly pricing, China Mama is your best bet. And more importantly, all the staff are friendly and service impeccable. The ambiance is outstanding and worth a few shots for the gram, or better still, you can have a memorable date night here. Try out the savory oysters, crunchy rice cakes, crispy cauliflower, and truffle sashimi. Don't forget the truffle fries and the tender sea bass.

Italian Cuisine

Italian meals are well known for incorporating fresh ingredients, and with the diverse recipes, it would take a lifetime to sample all the Italian goodness. So if you are in Vegas, please pass by these Italian restaurants and delight your taste buds.

This gem is located on the Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace. If you like tagging along with someone for your eat-outs, Carmine's generous portions make it worthwhile. If you have to go alone, keep in mind that the portions are very large for one person. Italian food is not complete without pasta, and this hotel's pasta dishes are irresistible. The chicken wings and chicken scaloppini are out of this world.

If you are a fan of celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis' signature meals, this is the right place for you. Located on Cromwell by the Vegas strip, the restaurant is picture-perfect. Giada's work ethic and perfectionism make this restaurant a must-visit. The masala chicken meatballs and vegetable Bolognese rigatoni are a favorite among many diners. The restaurant also considers specialty diets, and there is a specialty menu for everyone.

Persian/Iranian Cuisine

Persian cuisine is very popular, and most people find Persian meals and treats irresistible. It is a fusion of many cultures, including Turkish, Russian, Greek, and Caucasian cuisine. Vegas's Italian restaurants are always brimming with activity, and here are the restaurants to visit.

Dream Kabob
The dream kabob restaurant in Vegas is family-owned and welcoming, whether you are visiting alone or with family. Everyone comes here for the timeless kabobs, hummus, and beef koobideh. Remember to wash down your meal with fresh baklava or try out the mind-blowing saffron ice cream.

As with many Persian hotels, Hafez is also family-owned and serves hearty meals fir for a king. You can start with either the lentil or the barley soups. The Koobideh combo (a beef and chicken kabob) will leave you asking for more. Also, you can't afford to miss out on the lamb shish kabob accompanied by saffron-flavored rice.

African Cuisine

Africa is home to diverse countries, and the cuisine from one part greatly differs from another. Unfortunately, many African recipes are yet to make it to Vegas. So when you crave an African meal, here are your to go to places in Vegas.

Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant
Ethiopians are warm people, and the same can be said of their food. They take their time to whip up mouth-watering meals. This restaurant is located in Arville Street, a twenty minutes drive from Venetian. The generous injera servings a great for family or group meals. The samosas are well-reviewed and one of the fastest-moving food here. If you have doubts, the friendly staff are at your service, ready to help you find an unforgettable meal.

POTs Egyptian Cuisine
Egypt is a fascinating country and has been a subject of interest for many people, especially history lovers. However, what many don't know is that Egyptian cuisine is insanely finger-licking. If you want to taste the land of the pharaohs, POTs restaurant in Rainbow, Blvd is an excellent starting point. Some of the highlights of the vegan menu include crisp cauliflower accompanied by pita bread and arugula salad. In addition, the walnut-topped and sugar cane drizzled baklava is a one-of-a-kind dessert.

So there you have it, the best restaurants for international cuisine in Vegas. If you are not the eat-out type, you can order any of these meals and have them delivered to your doorstep as you enjoy a Vegas casino online game. So have fun as you sample the world's finest meals.

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